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Preliminary Winners Announcement
23 & 24 August 2021



Taylor's University

First Prize: Ngoo Qi Jie
Second Prize: Khoo Chia Hui
Third Prize: Sabrina Afrine Sathi

Universiti Malaya

First Prize: Yeoh Hong Jing
Second Prize: Cheong Hui Ting
Third Prize: Muhammad Imran Bin Ismail

Universiti Malaysia Perlis

First Prize: Nor Farisha Izzati Bt Kholid
Second Prize: Nizamuddin Bin Kamal
Third Prize: Luqman Hakim Bin Ariffin

Universiti Malaysia Sabah

First Prize: Lau Li Yi
Second Prize: Say Sian Jong
Third Prize: Siti Nur Adibah Syahirah Bt Mohamad Dasuki

Universiti Putra Malaysia

First Prize: Nur Syafiqah Binti Mohd Desman
Second Prize: Mohamad Khairul Zamidi bin Zakaria
Third Prize: Hu Sihan

Universiti Sains Malaysia

First Prize: Ang Yee Teng
Second Prize: Kang Yi Qing
Third Prize: Sum Joe Ming

Universiti Teknologi MARA

First Prize: Adli Zahin Bin Muhammad Ruslee
Second Prize: Muhammad Amirul Asyraf Bin Abdul Aziz
Third Prize: Muhammad Awis Qirani Bin Zamani

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

First Prize: Tan Jing Jie
Second Prize: Wong Yi Jie
Third Prize: Wee Lian Jie

Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia

First Prize: Raden Mohamad Syaifullah Bin Raden Sumarto
Second Prize: Mohd Nawawi Bin Ayup Jehmi @ Ayub
Third Prize: Tee Bee Ling



Multimedia University

First Prize: Selwyn Darryl Kessler
Second Prize: Loo Wei Xiong
Third Prize: Wong Ee Thiing

Universiti Malaya

First Prize: Pang Shian Wei
Second Prize: Lee Yi Jie
Third Prize: Chi Shi You

Universiti Malaysia Perlis

First Prize: Mukrimah Binti Nawir
Second Prize: Muhammad Niamat Bin Zainon
Third Prize: Lim Yin Chung

Universiti Malaysia Sabah

First Prize: Daphne Yong Zhi Xuan
Second Prize: Joyce Lu Kuan Yee
Third Prize: Lee Si Jie

Universiti Putra Malaysia

First Prize: Tulaisiram Naidoo A/L Nithiananda Naidu
Second Prize: Ng Xin Ying
Third Prize: Ma Zhi Yuan