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Multiple Equipment Vendors, No Problem

28/8/2012 3:12:32 PM


BovenIJ Hospital is a comprehensive hospital based in Amsterdam that has cutting-edge medical technology and information platforms.

With IT playing an increasingly important role in day-to-day healthcare operations, BovenIJ Hospital decided to expand its network infrastructure in 2011 to improve treatment quality. The hospital also sought to encourage inter-department collaboration and create a better medical treatment environment. As part of this effort, the hospital needed to retire its original network management approach.


BovenIJ was seeking a vendor that could offer a reliable network solution that implements unified management and reduces Operation and Maintenance (O&M) costs. The two most important factors BovenIJ considered when selecting a network solution were:

  • Simple management and operation: The solution had to be highly intelligent, easy to operate, and offer fine-grained management
  • Strong compatibility: The solution had to support third-party devices and manage the legacy 3Com network devices from the original network

After testing solutions from several vendors, the hospital selected Huawei products. BovenIJ was particularly interested in the eSight solution. The BovenIJ evaluation team observed that the solution was the most easy-to-manage network management system they had ever seen.


The Huawei eSight solution supports unified management of network devices, servers, and IT applications. This solution enables the hospital to manage equipment from different vendors using a single Network Management System (NMS). In addition, this solution provides a flexible, open platform, which allows the hospital to build a customized intelligent management system.

The eSight solution provides the following technical features:

Lightweight, modular architecture

The eSight system is a lightweight NMS that uses a Browser/Server (B/S) architecture. The system supports client-free fast installation and has low requirements for servers. The system’s modular design allows for flexible combinations in different enterprise network scenarios and supports networks of various sizes.

Superb device adaptation

The eSight system can quickly adapt to and manage devices from different vendors by loading different adaptation packages. This modular approach to adaptation ensures the stability of core functions and enables rapid adaptation to new device types and versions.

Easy secondary development

The eSight system provides easy secondary-development functions that enable agents or partners to customize eSight to meet a variety of requirements. eSight’s stable interfaces simplify integration with other systems, including third-party systems.

Multi-service management

With a Wireless LAN (WLAN) service management component, eSight helps the hospital rapidly deploy wireless networks. The eSight system supports unified management of wired network devices and WLAN devices. This capability significantly improves network management efficiency.


Huawei partnered with TenICT to customize an integrated service solution for BovenIJ based on the hospital’s needs and service scenarios. The hospital has expressed satisfaction with this solution and says it looks forward to co-operating with Huawei in future expansion projects.

With eSight, BovenIJ can monitor network devices in real time and prevent faults through a clear understanding of network status. In addition, the hospital is notified of network alarms through means such as SMS, email, and audible and visual displays. The system helps locate and rectify faults quickly through alarm topology linkage. These features significantly reduce the cost and complexity of network maintenance and help ensure reliable operation of the BovenIJ healthcare network.

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