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iManager NetEco Site Energy Management System

This telecom energy O&M platform provides digitalization, networking, and computer-controlled management for power and infrastructure devices. With it, end customers are guaranteed reliable power supply in both network and site levels. It simplifies O&M procedures and continuously reduces O&M costs. It also ensures network availability and ‘zero’ interruptions. More than 300 customers from 100+ countries around the world benefit from the NetEco management system.


Server Platform Network elements managed Number of concurrent login clients
Small-scale single server platform, like RH2288H V5 (with 2 disks) 2,000 20
Medium-scale single server platform, like RH2288H V5 (with 4 disks) 4,000 50
Large-scale single server platform, like RH2288H V5 (with 12 disks) 10,000 100
Local HA system (2 × RH2288H V5 + OceanStor 5500 V5 disk array) 10,000 100

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