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OptiX OSN 880 Smart CPE OTN Platform

OptiX OSN 880 is a new platform for Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) and provides multi-service access such as PDH, SDH, and ETH. OSN 880 is mainly used in CPE scenarios, provides highly reliable OTN private line solutions for governments and enterprises, and also adapts to campus and building interconnection.


Specifications OSN 880 C04X1D OSN 880 C02X2D OSN 880 C15X4D
Dimensions (H x W x D) 43.6 mm x 250 mm x 180 mm 43.6 mm x 250 mm x 180 mm 43.6 mm x 442 mm x 180 mm
Client-side ports 2 x FE/GE(o), 2 x FE/GE(e), and 2 x E1 2 x 10 GE(o) 6 x 25 GE/10 GE/GE(o), 9 x 10 GE/GE(o)
Line-side ports 2 x OTU1 or 2 x STM-1/4/16 2 x OTU2 2 x OTU4
Number of Wavelengths (maximum) CWDM: 8 wavelengths; DWDM: 80 wavelengths
Installation Rack Placed on the desktop or mounted on the wall
Power consumption 30W 26W 100W
Power Supply -36V to -57V DC or 85V to 290V AC

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