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  • Agility and High Efficiency

    Enriched functions, improving server utilization and O&M efficiency. The solution reduces IT operation costs and improves the hardware utilization rate from 5%–15% to 60%–80% or even higher without any adverse impact on service performance.

    Quick application deployment and highly efficient O&M.

    End-to-end service migration capability.

  • Security and Reliability

    Enhanced security of customer services and application data.
    - A mechanism to delete user data
    - Management data encrypted in tiers with timely updated keys
    - Virtualization antivirus software (such as Trend Micro and Rising)
    - HA capability for management nodes by default

    Complete disaster recovery and backup solution.

    Agentless antivirus with integrated strategy and flexible and simple configurations.

    Full disk data encryption ensuring user data security.

    TPM 2.0 internationally trusted standard and regulatory compliance.

  • High Performance

    Continuously improved performance and sets new CPU records in SPECvirt tests.

    Excellent virtualization performance and leading ranking in SPECvirt tests.

    Superior virtualization platform, providing performance comparable to physical servers.

Solution Architecture

  • FusionManager

    Serves as cloud management software, which offers service catalogs, automatic resource provisioning, centralized monitoring and O&M, lightweight operation, and management of heterogeneous resource pools from various providers.


    Virtualizes server, storage, and network resources, provides elastic resource pools for automatic resource scheduling and management. It consists of Compute Node Agent (CNA), a virtualization engine, and Virtual Resource Management (VRM), the resource scheduling and management software.

    eBackup and UltraVR

    Offer backup and disaster recovery from the application layer to VMs and disk arrays. They offer data replication in storage arrays and on hosts, and a backup and disaster recovery solution at the file level.


    Provides high-end visualization performance analysis. SOI visualizes infrastructure performance by analyzing health status, risk, and efficiency indicators. It also implements intelligent performance management using dynamic threshold analysis, capacity compliance analysis, and predictions. In this way, it predicts future trends, instead of just presenting historical data.

Success Stories


How to Create a VM

Cooperation and Ecosystem

Open Source Ecosystem
  • No. 2

    Huawei ranked second among all global contributors in the OpenStack community.

  • No. 6

    Huawei ranked first in overall contributions among Chinese contributors and sixth among all global contributors in CNCF.

  • No. 3

    Huawei ranked third among all global contributors in the Hadoop community.

  • No. 4

    Huawei ranked fourth among all global contributors in the Spark community.

Huawei OpenStack Introduction