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Going Mobile: Business on the Go

25/12/2013 02:12:27 p.m.



Qingdao Haier Co., Ltd. has grown into the No. 1 brand in the global home appliance sector. Haier has 21 industrial parks, 5 R&D centers, and 19 trading companies outside of China, and more than 80,000 employees worldwide. In 2012, Haier's global sales reached USD $26.1 billion and its brand value was calculated as USD $15.5 billion.

With the pervasive use of smart devices and the fast-growing global mobile Internet, Haier IT plans to take advantage of mobility technology to gradually mobilize its business. With mobility, Haier executives and staff can access and use the company's internal systems "anywhere, anytime," which will accelerate decision-making and enhance productivity. Mobility is also in line with Haier's "Scale-Free Supply Chain" goals, because an open, corporate-wide, mobile working system will also consolidate Haier's global resources to better serve end users.  


Smart technology is a major agent of change in communications, especially mobile communications. Changes inevitably create their own issues, some of which are predictable, and others not. As a result, Haier is setting up its own, centrally-planned mobile application platform. All mobile applications running on this platform must be designed with unified security, architecture, management, and platform support capabilities.

This new platform also must incorporate Haier's IT applications with smart devices. Secure mobile applications, such as secure PushMail, calendar management, and a Haier employee forum, must be available on this new platform as well. Using convenient, small-sized, high-performance smart devices, Haier staff can handle corporate business matters from anywhere, at any time.

An urgent need to improve office efficiency

  • Managers are frequently required to travel, so they need to handle emails (both online and offline) and confirm meetings and calendar notifications as they travel
  • To succeed in the fiercely competitive consumer product marketplace, Haier managers need to enhance their management of retail activities and understand complicated and competitive daily product sales. Similarly, the field workforce needs access to mobile applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), order management, and sales metrics demonstrations. By better enabling its staff, Haier can make more timely and accurate decisions
  • Customer service is business-critical for Haier. Haier needs to utilize new technologies to innovate its customer service, so service personnel can quickly respond to demands and resolve problems. This will help Haier maintain its leading market position

Decentralized devices and applications and high security risks

  • Existing mobile applications are primarily native applications. They only apply to a single operating system. This leads to difficult maintenance and high costs
  • Haier employees suffer from inconsistent experiences with existing mobile applications from a variety of devices
  • Haier urgently needs a unified mobile application platform. With such a platform, IT can centrally and securely manage all applications and ensure end-to-end information security


In response to Haier's concerns about security for the mobile office, Huawei offered a BYOD-capable solution. The Huawei information security protection solution ensures comprehensive security, from smart devices to networks, and from applications to data centers. Huawei's solution offers many benefits:

  • Huawei AnyOffice encrypts and securely stores data on smart devices
  • Unique sandbox technology isolates corporate data from personal user data on smart devices
  • Huawei's security Software Development Kit (SDK) makes it easy to integrate with other systems and to develop specific custom applications
  • Huawei's application-level Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology ensures highly secure network transmission
  • Huawei's mobile secure access management platform offers lifecycle-based device security and application management

By efficiently integrating devices, networks, and applications, Huawei's solution has helped Haier build a secure, efficient and unified mobile working platform. This platform enables employees to securely and fully use email, calendars, and employee forum applications while preventing corporate data leakage and security risks such as virus attacks.

Huawei's mobile architecture solution also offers Haier data center mobility management and control. This allows Haier to improve its operational efficiency and to create more business opportunities.

Huawei's solution makes the following a reality:

  • Mobile offices for managers and salespersons: Managers and salespersons can go mobile, enjoying a "work their way" experience
  • "Platform-centric" IT construction: A unified mobile security access and management platform can mobilize the functions of future business systems and ultimately create a mobile IT ecosystem for Haier
  • Horizontal expansion of mobile platforms: Haier's BYOD-capable mobile working system can fully synchronize with other ICT systems to optimize the value of enterprise IT. For example, in the future, wireless campus networks can be set up and Unified Communications (UC) mobility can be deployed


By deploying Huawei's BYOD-capable solution, Haier sees the following benefits:

  • Improved manager efficiency: Approximately 100 senior managers improve their work efficiency (about 45 minutes/day)
  • Comprehensive information security assurance: Decentralized mobile applications and mobile devices are centrally-managed. This central management approach protects corporate information, facilitates IT maintenance, and reduces IT operating expenses
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