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Cloud Exchange West Africa Limited, formerly known as Dimension Data in Nigeria, is a leading West African Systems Integrator and Virtual Computing end-to-end IT Company with the capability to provide world class IT solutions adapted to local environments. Cloud Exchange has its roots with Dimension Data, a global company headquartered located in Johannesburg with revenue in excess of US$7.5 billion, and also the official technical partner of the Tour de France. Cloud Exchange is a Dimension Data Preferred Partner in the West Africa region. Cloud Exchange West Africa Limited focuses on services, including Cloud, Data Center, Managed Services, and Systems Integration (Professional Services and Consulting). Their key transformation offerings include Security Operations Center (SOC), Network Operations Center (NOC), and Big Data Analytics.

With rapid economic growth in Nigeria, the demand for digital transformation of enterprises is increasing. In 2017, Huawei and Cloud Exchange West Africa Limited began to create a Tier IV high-reliability Data Center to provide cloud computing services for these transformation enterprises.

The Data Center began planning and design in October 2017, and was awarded the Tier IV design certification audit by Uptime Institute in February 2018.

Market Challenges

  • With the rapid rise of the cloud computing market, customers need to quickly enter the market to take advantage of market opportunities
  • Create a highly reliable Data Center brand and win with high-end brand positioning
  • It takes a longer time to deploy Data Center solutions using a brick and mortar design
  • Solution

    In order to meet customer business needs, Huawei provides integrated service solutions from consulting design, integration implementation, test verification, Uptime certification, and operations and maintenance. Huawei’s FusionModule1000B Prefabricated Modular Data Center Solution consists of 11 prefabricated modular data center cabinets. The data center cabinet equipment is all pre-integrated and debugged at the factory, and 80 cabinets can be delivered in two months.

    With the support of Huawei’s rich Advanced Threat Detection (ATD) expertise, the ATD expert team has achieved Tier IV certification from the program design, construction drawing design, and Uptime review communication plan within four months.

    The project adopts a sealed hot and cold channel cooling scheme and Huawei’s high-efficiency components, so that the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) value is lower than 1.5 under the temperature conditions near the equator, while the other local data center PUE values are generally higher than 2, which will greatly reduce the customer’s Operating Expenses (OPEX), and represent the design concept of Huawei’s green data center.


    Fast time to market: Provide pre-integrated data center solutions that take half the time of traditional construction models and meet the customer’s demands for rapid time to market.

    High reliability: Tier IV high-reliability design standard is implemented to create high-end brand positioning for the ISP industry in Nigeria, establishing better market advantages and economic benefits for customers.

    Green energy-saving: Adopts sealed channel technology and Huawei’s high-efficiency component applications, especially under such harsh and hot conditions near the equator, the PUE value is still under 1.5, which greatly reduces the customer’s OPEX, and also earns a good reputation for pioneering innovation and for green energy-saving data centers.

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