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Adjusting prices with paper labels is time consuming. A large number of staff are required to maintain paper price tags, but mistakes are still inevitable. The wrong price can result in check-out delays, consumer complaints, and higher operating expenses.

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) are on the rise in retail due to IoT expansion. Huawei ESL Solution simplifies network deployment by using APs that support Bluetooth, RFID, Zigbee, and other IoT technologies.

Customer Pain Points: Traditional ESL deployment is expensive. It uses wireless and additional ESL networks that require separate maintenance. Huawei reduces costs by converging Wi-Fi with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) via 2.4G wireless band.

Huawei ESL Solution: The Huawei ESL base station is built into one network suite, so it transmits accurate price information directly from the management system to the ESL. Prices can be changed on-demand and are displayed electronically – in real time.

Hanshow Technology

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As a leading global provider of ESL and smart store solutions, Hanshow boasts strong independent R&D, software and hardware integration, and resource integration for the entire industry. The company mainly serves customers in traditional retail, new retail, department stores, fashion, medicare, culture, entertainment, and other fields. Hanshow promotes customer growth through smart store solutions and services; makes innovation and R&D its driving forces; and accumulates a profound understanding of the latest retail and Internet industry trends.

Huawei’s joint ESL solution with Hanshow implements unified deployment and centralized management for Wi-Fi and ESL networks, which can reduce customer investment costs and improve consumer experiences. Currently, Huawei has successfully deployed applications in multiple shopping malls and retail stores in China.

BOE SES-Imagotag

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BOE SES-imagotag is the worldwide leader in the field of Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) and digital labels. Its solution consists of ESLs, in-store communication facilities, and software platforms. ESLs are electronic display modules that are placed on shelves to display prices, instead of printed shelf labels. Each ESL is connected to the background database of a shopping mall through the network, and displays the updated commodity price.

Century focuses on R&D for digital retail, smart health care, and IoT technology solutions. Globally leading the digital retail and RFID application fields, Century occupies a top market share in terms of the world’s smart label products. Huawei’s joint solution with Century implements multi-network integration and converged deployment. This solution reduces the high costs in manual O&M for traditional paper labels and brings the convenience of digitalization to merchants and consumers.