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CloudEngine S6730S-S Series Switches

CloudEngine S6730S-S switches provide high-speed access for Wi-Fi 6 Access Points (APs) and 10 Gbit/s access to high-density servers. With 10 GE downlink ports and 40 GE uplink ports, these next generation fixed switches are designed for use at either the core or the aggregation layer of campus networks, providing 40 Gbit/s rates. In addition, the CloudEngine S6730S-S series provides a wide variety of services, comprehensive security policies, and a range of Quality of Service (QoS) features, enabling your enterprise to build scalable, manageable, reliable, and secure campus and data center networks.



Product Model CloudEngine S6730S-S24X6Q-A
Forwarding Performance 480 Mpps
Switching Capacity2 960 Gbit/s/2.4Tbit/s
Fixed Ports 24 x 10 GE SFP+,6 x 40 GE QSFP+
Intelligent Upgrade Switches support the intelligent upgrade feature. 
Super Virtual Fabric (SVF) Functions as the parent node to virtualize downstream switches and APs vertically as one device, for simpler management.
Supports a two-layer client architecture.
Supports third-party devices between SVF parent and clients.
iPCA Collection of real-time statistics on the number of lost packets and packet loss ratio at the network and device levels.
Intelligent Network O&M Collect device data in real time through Telemetry and collaborate with the campus network analyzer CampusInsight to quickly detect network problems that impact user experience.
Interoperability Switches support the iStack function that combines multiple switches into a logical switch.
Member switches in a stack implement redundancy backup to improve device reliability and use inter-device link aggregation to improve link reliability. 

1. This content is applicable only to regions outside mainland China. Huawei reserves the right to interpret this content.

2. The value before the slash (/) refers to the device's switching capability, while the value after the slash (/) refers to the chip's switching capability.

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