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X7 Series LAN Switches Star in Media Group Upgrade

08.04.2013 15:48:00


Phoenix Satellite Television is an international multimedia group that enjoys a global audience for its media services. Founded in 1991 with headquarters in Hong Kong, the company provides television, weekly magazine publishing, new media, and broadcast services covering more than 150 countries worldwide.


The advancement of digital and network technologies, along with market competition, requires media companies to focus on IT system development and technical innovation. Phoenix Satellite Television has been a media industry leader in IT system development since its deployment of a desktop cloud system in 2009. The company has built a studio with flying cameras, a tape-free broadcasting system, the top-performing transmission network in Asia, and the latest 360-degree intelligent anchor desk. With increasing usage of HD video and cloud computing platforms, current core LAN switches in Phoenix Satellite TV’s data center could not meet the requirements and needed to be upgraded as soon as possible.

  • More bandwidth and transmission channels are required
    HD video and Video On Demand (VOD) services required extensive bandwidth resources. Phoenix Satellite Television needed more network transmission channels to meet these service requirements.
  • Reliability is critical for live news services
    To meet the demand for live news services, the company faced high reliability requirements for network devices.
  • VOD required more a fluid experience and shorter delays
    Growing numbers of users needed VOD services, which required minimal network latencies.


Due to the real-time, on-demand nature of the media business, seamless services handover was considered when constructing the new network. Huawei provided X7 series LAN switches, with an industry-standard protocols architecture, to enable seamless network upgrades. The solution integrated the new network into the original one, and then gradually rolled out services, preventing services interruption.

Core node performance needed to be seriously considered during the network upgrades. Huawei deployed S9700 series Tbit/s-level, high-end intelligent core LAN switches that target the next-generation campus networks and data center services. These LAN switches use an advanced multi-layer architecture to provide continuous bandwidth upgrading capabilities and support 40 GE and 100 GE data transmission standards; the forwarding performance became twice as large as the current LAN switches that were deployed in the data center. Moreover, the cluster bandwidth of S9700 series switches now goes up to 1,280 Gbit/s, ranking first in the industry.

The solution offers the following features:

  • Flattened network layout design improves reliability
    The flattened network architecture decreases forwarding latency to improve the service experience. The strategy of Layer-II networking, cluster and stack technologies create a loop-free network with better reliability.
  • High security with business interoperability
    Phoenix TV has multiple departments and channels, so isolation the secure interoperability of different businesses is achieved through meticulous planning of the network.
  • Hardware probes for easier network maintenance
    The unique hardware probe of the X7 series LAN switches monitors real-time network quality, to more easily control and manage the network.


Huawei X7 series LAN switches securely upgrade the data center network of Phoenix TV, which also meets the needs of high bandwidth for HD video editing and production.

Additionally, the advantage of high reliability inside the LAN switches guarantees real-time release and live broadcasts of the news, with low latency to enhance each user’s experience with VOD services. In the future, Phoenix TV will be able to transform more quickly and effectively with the assistance of this newly deployed network platform.