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What Is a Software-Defined Camera?

The security industry has entered the intelligent era. Cameras have evolved from devices that simply process images to those with multi-dimensional awareness; they can now handle and analyze video streams, and they are even able to foresee trends.

Conventional cameras bind software together with hardware, making a convenient device but with limited applications. However, Huawei's innovative Software-Defined Cameras (SDCs) decouple hardware from software and support the continuous online upgrade of algorithms, enabling sustainable development of algorithms throughout the hardware lifecycle with one-time hardware investment.

SDCs also adopt an open-ended software architecture that integrates industry-leading algorithms provided by partners, promoting an inclusive AI ecosystem for both business and everyday life.

Huawei's innovative SDCs adhere to three mission-critical standards: professional AI chips dedicated to SDCs, open-ended operating system specially for SDCs, and open-ended and prosperous algorithm and application ecosystem.

  • Face and Body Cameras

  • Omni-Data Structuring Cameras

  • Vehicle Cameras

  • Integrated ITS Cameras

  • Situation Awareness Cameras

  • Soluzione di videosorveglianza integrata PowerCube 500

650 488 xingxiang
Face and Body Cameras

This type of cameras can accurately capture faces in motion and match faces in real time in densely populated scenes such as walkways and entrances.

eXtra (X) series


Magic (M) series

650 488 xingtu
Omni-Data Structuring Cameras

This type of cameras are smart cameras that can simultaneously capture and recognize motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles, and pedestrians. The cameras support concurrent running of multiple algorithms and can meet video structuring requirements in complex scenarios such as backstreets and urban roads.

650 488 xingchi
Vehicle Cameras

This type of camera supports license plate recognition, vehicle type recognition, vehicle color recognition, and classification of motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles, and pedestrians, applicable to vehicle detection and capture in multiple scenarios such as urban roads, inter-city roads, and city gates.

650 488 xingdun
Integrated ITS Cameras

This type of cameras are mainly used to detect and record traffic violations taking place at road intersections. By recording traffic violations in detail, these cameras act as the traffic order keeper, effectively promoting courteous driving.

650 488 xingchen
Situation Awareness Cameras

This types of cameras can adapt to varied light conditions and weathers and produce 4K surveillance images in real time by dynamically adjusting image enhancement algorithms. They are widely applied in a variety of industries such as rail transportation and campus.

Magic (M) series

  • Telecamera bullet IR a illuminazione ultra bassa da 2 MP M2220-I

    La telecamera di rete M2220-I integra compressione video, trasmissione di rete e algoritmi intelligenti per trasmettere immagini video onsite in tempo reale attraverso la rete; è usata per applicazioni quali la sicurezza urbana e il trasporto su rotaia. Funzionando in condizioni di bassissima luminosità, ampio intervallo dinamico (WDR), in caso di soppressione dei punti luminosi, con ampio intervallo di tensione operativo e ampissimo intervallo di temperatura d’esercizio, garantisce immagini di qualità in vari climi e diversi ambienti e offre immagini di qualità HD in qualunque luogo e in qualunque momento.

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  • Telecamera box a illuminazione ultra bassa da 2 MP M1220

    La telecamera box M1220 2MP a bassissima luminosità presenta una forte adattabilità all'ambiente per garantire immagini di qualità in un'ampia gamma di scenari. Luce estremamente bassa, WDR, soppressione dei punti luminosi, ampio intervallo di tensione operativo e l'ampissimo intervallo di temperatura d’esercizio garantiscono immagini di qualità in vari climi. Offre immagini di qualità HD in qualunque luogo e in qualunque momento.

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eXtra (X) series


Credible (C) series


PowerCube 500 0418
Soluzione di videosorveglianza integrata PowerCube 500

La soluzione di videosorveglianza integrata PowerCube 500 può essere utilizzata in Safe e Smart City. Può essere impiegata su autostrade e ferrovie, linee di trasmissione ad alta tensione e oleodotti. Huawei fornisce una soluzione in video unica e aiuta i clienti a gestire le difficoltà tipiche del video backhauling e dell'alimentazione necessaria alle attrezzature. Queste soluzioni aiutano i clienti nella prevenzione video e nel controllo rapido delle reti.

  • 0101

    I am the operations director of a national scenic spot.

    In peak season, over 100,000 tourists visit our scenic spot every day. Our main aim is to make sure that everyone enters safely and efficiently. Meanwhile, to ensure safe and enjoyable tourism, we need to intelligently reconstruct the legacy facilities, but on a limited budget.

    Huawei SDCs can replace some cameras on the existing network and connect to the common legacy cameras, using the existing computing power and transforming the legacy cameras into intelligent ones. This helps maximize our ROI and operational efficiency.

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