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  • Supreme Experience

    Provides E2E solutions covering major scenarios for different industries.

    Supports industry-leading peripheral compatibility, and adaptation capabilities. FusionAccess also supports Linux-based rapid deployment and unified deployment, as well as access to SBC and VDI.

    Offers lossless video display, 4K HD video editing and display capabilities, GPU pooling, WAN optimization, and enterprise-class audio and video effects.

  • Secure and Reliable

    Provides a device-pipe-cloud control security protection system to comprehensively safeguard enterprises' business and data security.

    Offers system-level reliability for management nodes and user connections.

    Demonstrates success through deployment of over 1,300,000 desktops of 3,000 customers in more than 110 countries and regions worldwide.

  • Agile and Efficient

    Supports over 3,000 diverse customers to deploy desktops, using best practices.

    Delivers simple and efficient O&M and rapid problem locating, diagnosis, and solving capabilities using wizard-based and tool-enabled O&M.

    Provides local service systems globally to ensure prompt delivery and troubleshooting, and builds an open cloud ecosystem with 39 solution partners, 387 product partners, and over 10,000 certified engineers.

Solution Architecture

Huawei’s FusionAccess solution, a complete cloud office solution for customers, is perfectly designed for demands in cloud terminals, cloud hardware, cloud software, network and security, and consulting and integration design services.

  • HDP

    Huawei Desktop Protocol (HDP) is a Huawei-proprietary new-generation VDI access protocol used by TCs for remote access to the virtual desktop. It provides clear text and graphics display, smooth video playback, excellent audio quality, high compatibility, and low bandwidth usage.


    SBC is an on-demand application delivery solution that manages data center applications in a centralized manner and delivers applications to users using any terminals anywhere anytime. HDP-based SBC is meant for scenarios such as simple office, secure Internet access, branch office, and mobile office.

    Windows desktop

    FusionAccess supports Windows virtual desktops, which can be accessed from TCs, laptops, and smartphones. Currently, all mainstream OSs are supported.

    Linux desktop

    FusionAccess allows enterprise users to use Linux virtual desktops from TCs, laptops, and smartphones.


    End users use terminals to access virtual desktops at the data center and connect to peripherals. Currently, TCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and STB devices are supported.

Application Scenarios

  • Security OA

    Secure data and save energy

  • Cloud Workstation

    Optimal experience, convenience, and efficiency

  • Call Center

    Efficiency, security, and flexibility for professional scenarios

  • Branch

    Cost-effectiveness for remote applications

  • Desktop Operating

    Security and efficiency thanks to unified management

Success Stories


How to Provision a Common User VM

Cooperation and Ecosystem

Open Source Ecosystem
  • No. 2

    Huawei ranked second among all global contributors in the OpenStack community.

  • No. 6

    Huawei ranked first in overall contributions among Chinese contributors and sixth among all global contributors in CNCF.

  • No. 3

    Huawei ranked third among all global contributors in the Hadoop community.

  • No. 4

    Huawei ranked fourth among all global contributors in the Spark community.

Huawei OpenStack Introduction