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An Agile Stadium Presents UEFA Champions League

2016/6/5 0:00:00

In the 2013-14 UEFA Champions League final, Real Madrid defeated Atletico Madrid in extra time, putting on a wonderful football match for fans around the globe. This tournament drew worldwide attention and attracted tens of thousands of spectators to the scene. Passionate fans unable to gain entry into the stadium watched the match on a massive LCD display in a square just outside the stadium.

Through the free Wi-Fi provided by the organizer, the spectators were able to share their joy and excitements with their friends and family. This allowed millions of fans to receive up to the minute reports about the ongoing match and gain access to videos and replays. On that evening, Portuguese Stadium of Light became the focus of fans around the world.

All media reporters on scene took notice of the changes in the stadium. They no longer needed to rush into media workshops to send photos or reports to their respective communications agency or media offices.

Before the match, they all received a card on which the free Wi-Fi login information is provided. Once authenticated, they were able to send high definition (HD) photos and videos at anytime and from anywhere in the stadium, increasing the timeliness and efficiency of reports about the match taking place.

After all necessary surveys and commissioning, Huawei designed the wireless coverage solution for the stadium. Application of wireless features, such as High Density Boost, Auto Radio, 802.11n Beamforming, and airtime scheduling, along with professional network planning and optimization capabilities increases the number of access users supported by each AP and enables high-density APs to be deployed. Media reporters enjoyed the stable Wi-Fi access and high-quality service experience, and reported the match conveniently and efficiently.

Outside the stadium, the organizer built bleachers capable of accommodating several thousand spectators along with a massive LCD display to provide a remarkable viewing experience. This allows fans outside to feel the climax of every run, tackle, and goal in the stadium. Outside spectators used mobile phones and tablets to record and capture every moment of excitement which they shared via social media websites with family and friends. Statistics showed that tens of thousands of photos and texts about the contest were sent during the match.

These spectators in the square voiced that they experienced the very same passion as the fans in the stadium as they feasted on the beer, Pizza, and consumed free Wi-Fi with an atmosphere reminiscent of that of a carnival. The organizer had made full preparations several months prior to the League Final. To enable spectators unable to enter the stadium to watch the match, the organizer partnered with Huawei to provision free Wi-Fi services. The free Wi-Fi services enhanced the engagement and interactions from fans, and also attracted more advertising and consumption, increasing the stadium’s revenues and improving its reputation.

The agile network helps stadium operators and clubs prepare to take on challenges brought about by the Big Data era and the revolutions of smart stadiums.


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