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Beijing Metro Secures Surveillance and Command Network

2017/4/22 0:00:00


China’s urban rail construction has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. It is estimated that, by the end of 2016, 89 urban rail lines will have been constructed with a total length of 2,500 kilometers. The rapid urban infrastructure development may introduce safety risks in rail transportation, construction, and engineering. To handle these pressing challenges, China’s large-scale urban rail projects urgently required cutting-edge risk control technologies.

According to the Beijing Urban Overall Planning (2004 to 2020), the city will have 30 Metro lines by 2020, with a total length of 1,050 kilometers. The Metro lines will cover the entire main urban district and connect it with the new urban district. This will effectively relieve the traffic congestion in Beijing and will lay a solid foundation for the city to evolve into a world-class metropolis.


In the early stages, Beijing Metro under-invested in safety planning, design, construction, surveillance, and operations. Beijing Metro urgently needed to enhance the capability of safety surveillance management, accident prevention, and emergency response, to effectively prevent and handle critical and severe emergencies. As a result, the existing safety and emergency handling system must be optimized by applying advanced ICT technologies to ensure an efficient, reliable, secure, and future-oriented railway safety surveillance and emergency command center.


Huawei Digital Urban Rail Solution provides a network carrying platform, secure and reliable application environments, and large-bandwidth core network for the safety surveillance and emergency command system. The solution meets with transmission requirements of various services such as data, voice, and video services.

  • Considering multiple-service requirements of the railway safety surveillance and emergency command center, Huawei deployed two S12700 series Agile Switches at the core layer. Agile Switches adopt Huawei in-house Cluster Switch System Generation 2 (CSS2) technology to implement 1+N backup of Microprocessor Units (MPUs). Services are not affected as long as one MPU in the entire cluster system works normally. Such design significantly reduces transmission delay and ensures stability of the safety surveillance system and real-time data transmission.
  • The S12700 series Agile Switches support high-density line-speed cards, such as 48 x 10 GE and 2 x 100 GE line cards. Each S12700 provides a maximum of 576 x 10 GE ports or 24 x 100 GE ports. This large port capacity meets the requirements of bandwidth-consuming applications, such as multimedia video conferencing and data access. In addition, the S12700 series Agile Switches implement zero packet loss in forwarding and 576 x 10 GE line-speed forwarding, meeting stringent requirements for railway safety surveillance and the emergency command center. Railway safety surveillance and the emergency command center transmits real-time data from construction sites and railway operations, reports emergencies, and reduces security risks.
  • With built-in high-speed, flexible Ethernet Network Processors (ENP), the S12700 series Agile Switches provide full programmability, to meet customer requirements and maximize the Return On Investment (ROI) in 10 years.


Huawei Digital Urban Rail Solution fully meets the requirements of constructing a network platform for safety surveillance and the emergency command center. The center effectively enhances Beijing Metro’s capability for handling critical and serious emergencies and optimizes the city’s entire railway safety surveillance and emergency command system. Furthermore, this project sets an example for other railway construction projects in the future.

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