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Southeast Asia Channel Elite Club

Register to Applying Channel Elite Club Credit
and Exchanging Special Rewards

The Channel Elite Club Introduction

The Channel Elite Club aims to encourage Huawei partners to actively participate in various club activities, including enablement training, technology salon, forums, channel certification and elite invitation contests. Through various activities, we are committed to delivering the most cutting-edge industry trends and technical concepts, and creating a platform for elite club members to improve partners’ abilities in product technology, project development and project delivery.

Join the Channel Elite Club and get rewarded for engaging with us and driving your Huawei business.

Point Claims

  1. 1. Participants must be registered on Huawei Channel Elite Club in Southern-east Asia.
  2. 2. Members can participate in various activities organized by the club and have bonus points.

Available areas for participating the program:

  • • Bangladesh, Cambodia, Hong Kong SAR China , Lao People's Democratic Republic, Macao SAR China, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Viet Nam

Item Description
Certificate Participate in and pass the specialist certification and career certification specified by Huawei's enterprise business.
Enablement Participated in the enablement and training activities organized by Huawei and completed sign-in, such as pre-sales or post-sales training, sales training, senior sales training camp, etc.
Lecturing Act as lecturer of Huawei product or solution enablement training.
Partner Skills Competition Participate in the 2020 Partner skills competition organzied by Huawei SEA region
Huawei Project Support Conduct pre-sales workshops with customers, channel partners on Huawei products and solutions, POC test report and HCIE delivery project.

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Points Query

  1. 1. Elite club members download the Channel Elite Club Points Claim Form, fill in the necessary information and email to for points inquiry;
  2. 2. Huawei channel elite club will feedback the form within 5 working days.

Click here to download the Channel Elite Club Points Claim Form>>

Claim Process

  1. 1. Select the corresponding gifts on the webpage according to your balanced points (The specific gifts are shown on the exchange page) and submit the Channel Elite Club Points Claim Form to for exchange;
  2. 2. Huawei elite club accepts orders of elite club members quarterly, and completes the delivery of goods (including gift purchase, tracking the arrival of gifts, and feedback of express delivery information) according to the amount of orders. The goods are distributed within two weeks after the purchase;
  3. 3. The members of the elite club will send the Confirmation Form (sent with the goods) to within three working days after receiving the goods;
  4. 4. The points of gifts will be deducted by elite club according to the principle of "first in, first out" (the first points that come into effect are deducted first).
  5. 5. If cancel the order, please inform within 2 days after submitting the Channel Elite Club Points Claim Form and get the confirmation from, the points can be returned. The principle of return is: Each integral has its own valid period. If the integral needs to be returned due to the withdrawal of the order, the original valid period of the integral will be restored. In accordance with the "last in, first out" (that is, the last effective points are returned first) principle for refund.

Points Earning

Item Sub-item Point
Huawei Certification HCSA 25
Enablement (completed sign-in) Pre-sales/Post-sales/Sales enablement/Senior Sales training camp 10
Lecturing Act as a lecturer in technical activities. 50
Channel Skill Competition First Prize (Final) 100
Second Prize (Final) 50
Third Prize (Final) 30
Memorial Awards (Final) 20
Participation Award (Preliminary) 10
Huawei Project Support Conduct workshops with customers, channel partners on Huawei products and solutions. 30
POC Test Report 30
HCIE Deliver Project 30

The above bonus point items will be updated irregularly with business development and will not be released separately.


Recommended Gifts Points
HUAWEI P40 / P30 Pro 600
HUAWEI P30 500
HUAWEI nova 5 400
HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 Sport version 300
HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 260
HUAWEI FreeBuds 3i 210
HUAWEI FreeLace Pro 180
HUAWEI Band B3 150
HUAWEI Mini Speaker Graphite Black (Single) 100
HUAWEI Classic Earphones 80

If not, it will be replaced with the equivalent gift card or equivalent gift according to stock availability.

Terms & Conditions

  • • The individual should obtain prior consent of its company to enroll into this program.
  • • “Elite Points" shall mean scoring points that partners awarded in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Program.
  • • The individual earn Elite Points for activities happen during Year 2020 only. Elite Points will be valid until December 31, 2020.
  • • All claim shall be submitted by 31st Jan 2021. Unused Elite Points shall be forfeited after that.
  • • Bonus points of elite club members can be exchanged for gifts. The corresponding gifts will be published on the official website of Huawei SEA Channel Elite Club before the redemption activity is launched.
  • • The individual has to associate the career certificate to the partner company in ePartner prior to Career/Tech Certification points be gained.
  • • The individual shall guarantee that the information provided to HUAWEI for the purpose of point’s calculation is accurate and true. In the event that the information provided by the individual is determined as false by HUAWEI, HUAWEI shall reserve the right to exclude the related Partner or individual from this Program immediately and cancellation of all points or rewards granted by HUAWEI previously in accordance with HUAWEI policies at any time.
  • • Elite club members can only use one registration website ID of Huawei channel elite club to participate in the points program. If any members of elite clubs are found to be fraudulent in order to get bonus points, Huawei will freeze its ID and clear up its elite club points.
  • HUAWEI reserve the rights to revise the Terms and Conditions of this program without further notice and HUAWEI’s decision is full and final in the event of any dispute.
  • • If have any questions, please contact Huawei channel elite club at