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SD-WAN Solution

Huawei SD WAN Solution en 2

With the rise of cloud computing technology and public clouds, infrastructure has become cloud-based. At the same time, enterprise applications have migrated to the cloud. With SaaS provided by application service providers, enterprises access key office applications from the cloud.

Traditionally, enterprises use carriers’ physical or MPLS/VPN private lines for WAN interconnections. While this guarantees high network quality, private lines are expensive and service provisioning takes too long. Provisioning traditional enterprise VPNs requires multiple steps, including application to the service hall, service commissioning, and on-site configuration, which take several months. Traditional private lines cannot obtain the application status or ensure the quality of mission-critical services in the face of burst traffic. Moreover, when a fault occurs, the nature of the fault cannot be identified, so dedicated personnel need to locate faults on site, lowering O&M efficiency. Traditional leased lines cannot meet the standards for increased efficiency, reduced costs, improved experience, and fast service change required by enterprises facing the cloudification trend.

To overcome these challenges, Huawei provides their SD-WAN solution.

The Huawei SD-WAN Solution provides on-demand interconnection between branches, between branches and data centers, and between branches and the cloud. It delivers the ultimate experience in enterprise interconnection through application-based intelligent traffic steering and acceleration, a full series of open uCPEs, and cloud-based visualized O&M.

Ultimate business experience: Application-based intelligent traffic steering and acceleration guarantees highest priority for key applications

Huawei’s SD-WAN Solution identifies over six thousand known and user-defined applications. Differentiated network services are implemented in a manner tailored to an application’s requirements, ensuring high-quality experience with key applications. For example, services with major requirements are transmitted over leased line links, whereas services with minor requirements are transmitted over Internet links. When a fault occurs or link quality is unstable, links can be flexibly switched between to improve service experience. In addition, transmission and application optimization technologies facilitate smart acceleration of key applications.

Ultimate VAS experience: The full series of open uCPEs provision VASs within minutes

The solution uses universal computing gateways and leverages the NFV platform to achieve on-demand deployment of Huawei and third-party VASs (such as the virtual firewall and WAN optimization), meeting deployment requirements of different branch scenarios. The Agile Controller flexibly orchestrates and automatically delivers VASs, so that the VASs can be provisioned within minutes, enabling businesses to innovate more quickly and achieve greater agility.

Ultimate O&M experience: Cloud-based visualized O&M reduces OPEX by 80%

Huawei’s SD-WAN Solution supports device plug-and-play and quick deployment. Applications and links can be visually managed. Based on GIS, the status of the entire network can be visualized, accelerating fault location and simplifying O&M.

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Ultimate Business Experience

App-aware intelligent steering & acceleration

VASs On Demand In Minutes

Full Series of Open uCPEs accelerate VAS provisioning

Reduced OPEX

Cloud-managed visualized O&M reduces OPEX by 80%

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