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Enable Intelligent Retail through AI

With Huawei Retail cloud platform’s cloud service capabilities and AI-based product recognition technology, the Product AI solution will provide precise and real-time product recognition and auto-checkout capabilities to save manpower, reduce waiting time, and improve shoppers experiences.

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  • Reduce Damage and Theft, Increase Sales per SQM

    Visual recognition-based technology ensures the number of products purchased and on the shelf are correct. No need to monitor, only replenish, and not limited by space for high sales per square meter.

  • High Suitability

    Supports precise recognition for multiple types of products across multiple scenarios, multiple types of cameras and cabinets, and multiple interfaces for open integration.

  • Low Deployment Cost

    With cameras deployed, retailers only need to implement product identification, set up data automatic collection, and provide model training. The TCO of the Product AI solution is much lower than traditional smart cabinets as it supports quick SKU replacement and seamless upgrade.

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