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Equipment Health Check Service

Things change. Perhaps your network’s traffic has grown or changed patterns. Maybe your equipment can no longer handle the load. Software may not have the latest updates or features. There are dozens of ways network performance deteriorates over time and it may be smart to check your equipment and determine how to optimize it for current and future conditions.

Huawei’s Equipment Health Check Service analyzes many variables in network equipment and generates a comprehensive report with recommendations that can immediately enhance the performance and stability of your network.

Expert hardware analysis

Experienced Huawei specialists remotely compile hardware configurations and key statistics and compare them to industry benchmarks to determine how your network stands up against your peers and competitors. You’ll get recommendations for changing parameters or using different configurations that adapt equipment to current needs. If necessary, we will recommend equipment modifications such as additional memory or ports.

Expert software analysis

We can prepare an optimization plan that enhances the network by recommending overdue software updates or recommending newer software versions that sometimes include features that were not originally available.

Expert configuration analysis

You can fine-tune many configuration commands or enable new features. Huawei can analyze equipment configurations and recommend how to optimize them to best meet current and future requirements.

On-the-fly analysis

No need to take the network offline. Huawei’s data collection is unobtrusive, done remotely, and analyzed offline so you stay up and running.


Faster, Better, Cheaper

The Equipment Health Check Service helps you get the most from your network.


Increase network stability and performance.


Avoid unexpected disruptions in the future by making controlled improvements today.


Extend equipment’s lifecycle through smart, tailored optimization.