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Middle East’s First IPv6 Network for Secure CCTV

03-04-2013 18:11:00


Tawazun was established in 2007, emerging from the long-established Tawazun Economic Council, as an industrial investor for the United Arab Emirates (UAE’s) manufacturing sector. Since then, the company has developed a number of ventures ranging from industrial partnerships to strategic investments, adding value to areas including defense and aerospace, automotive, munitions metals, and technology. 

Tawazun desired an approach that strives to drive innovation through investing in Research and Development (R&D) to ensure technology and know-how is transferred through strategic alliances. As an active investor in both global and local markets, they partner with a selection of world-class players to build skills, expertise, products, and systems in the UAE including Huawei Technologies who helped the organization to deploy the region’s first-ever next-generation communication protocol IPv6 network solution in the manufacturing industry in December 2012. As a design consideration for this solution, Huawei chose to take on a Dual Stack deployment methodology so that IPv6 could be implemented.


Tawazun’s primary concern was to look for a robust technology and systems solution that could ensure the highest levels of security for its network. Any risks or potential network threats such as layer 2 attacks, for instance, would compromise the safety of its mission-critical data, and breaches needed to be mitigated at all costs. The system also needed to handle the existing physical security infrastructure and meet the current requirements, while leaving options open for later expansion without affecting the strength of network security.

Tawazun also needed to ensure that Huawei’s network switch solution was a user-friendly, stable, efficient, and affordable system that could also meet the high bandwidth demands of CCTV, with the capability of delivering high quality recording and monitoring. 

The Huawei IPv6 network solution was selected based on many levels of criteria: Efficiency, high-speed bandwidth, future expansion, costs and capabilities. Lower power consumption and strong local support through channel partners were also important selection criteria. The driving reason behind the selection of Huawei’s solution was the solution’s capability to reduce power consumption while maintaining high output, which is a major challenge now in the Middle East.  


Tawazun believes in a strong technological base so that its investment strategy is able to drive change within the market place and achieve its vision of ‘Building capabilities towards a balanced future’. By selecting Huawei as its ICT vendor to deploy a next-generation network communications protocol IPv6 solution, ground-breaking work was achieved, creating a state-of-the-art IT landscape from scratch.

The deployment is the first of its kind where a company in the UAE and a global ICT vendor have fully implemented a network backbone that was compliant with Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), thanks to the numerous Requests for Comments (RFC) that Huawei has submitted, demonstrating strong commitments to R&D and innovation to technologies for network engineering. The deployment of Huawei’s IPv6 network solution enables seamless Internet connectivity, reliable network and physical security while meeting the demands of high bandwidth to support critical image and video data.     

It took two months to implement the solution, as there were four different zones to cover during the implementation process. Tawazun worked with Huawei and its channel partner Telelogix to design and implement a solution that could support usage of both the IPv6 and IPv4 networking protocols across Tawazun’s existing campus network. During a month of planning, a virtual model office was created where the testing could take place, before the solution was rolled out into the production and implementation phases.

With on-going training on IPv6 throughout the implementation phase (provided by a set of dedicated resources on site from Huawei), the IT team of engineers and architects at Tawazun became well-versed on the technology so that they could develop the design to setup the physical connectivity.


As leaders for IP technology in both the enterprise and telco carrier markets, Huawei understood that IP, voice, and video services integration and support for cloud-based platforms would be expected of this high-profile client which further demanded higher bandwidth capabilities.

Tawazun’s IPv6 systems solution enables:

  • Unified Security Architecture: The Huawei IPv6 network solution provides Tawazun with a unified security architecture over the network that allows the client to centralize and access all footage from its CCTV cameras and gain access to time attendance information.
  • Automated Management System: This allows Tawazun to have seamless Internet connectivity for automated management and surveillance procedures, and to intelligently monitor physical security throughout its campus sites and safeguard access to its buildings.
  • Highly Resilient, Reliable Network: The flexible network design is based on an IPv6 Dual Stack architecture and an efficient Cluster Switching Technology (CSS) which provides the system with redundancy as well as high reliability. In case one device fails, another one will automatically take over to ensure the user’s request is completed. At the same time, aggregated uplinks with rapid data transfers also enable seamless business continuity. Whatever the case, there is always stand-by equipment on the network at all times.
  • High Output with Lower Power Consumption: High performance campus switches form the backbone of Tawazun’s IPv6 system. Using Huawei’s core and access switches (which perform at least two to three times faster than the industry’s average), the technologies enable high throughput supported by a large port density to ensure continuous data streaming for the operation of CCTV cameras. This typically is the most demanding and yet critical factor for physical security of various locations and buildings.

Following the deployment of the Huawei IPv6 network solution, Tawazun’s ground-breaking IPv6 system empowers its end-users with seamless network speeds in the ways that security surveillance videos are viewed, stored, and live streamed. Now, data can also be retrieved much faster, on a more stable network. The solution has transformed Tawazun’s existing IT security system.

Thanks to the successful deployment of the high speed network powered by Huawei’s IPv6 network switches, Tawazun now has a leading IT infrastructure in place that supports new innovative technologies upon which the organization hopes to roll out and integrate additional expansions in the future.

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