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Sahara Net and OceanStor are a Winning Team

24-06-2015 00:00:00


Sahara Net is the largest Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a leading Data Service Provider (DSP) in the Saudi market, dedicated to offering customers a range of quality Internet services and solutions. Sahara Net also provides various complementary services, including connectivity, hosting, optimization, and security. The extended network now covers most of the major cities in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

In recent years, a large number of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) were faced with ever-growing Information Technology (IT) workloads, but did not have the money and manpower to form a dedicated team to provide enterprise-level applications. This lack of crucial resources resulted in the creation of hosting services. Providing features such as cost-effectiveness, stable operations, continuous monitoring, and specialized training, these hosting services doubled every year.


As a leading IT hosting service provider, Sahara Net had to manage a vast number of IT resources. It required storage systems that not only complied with functionality and performance requirements, but also facilitated Operations and Maintenance (O&M) and monitoring. Such systems would simplify the job of IT systems administrators and reduce heavy system workloads, allowing their customers to focus on other critical tasks for their businesses. 

“Since our customers and partners are global mainstream IT and telecom vendors, we need to provide them with the most reliable, optimal services to remain competitive in their areas of expertise. However, the capacity of our previous hosting service system was inadequate, and we continually encountered performance bottlenecks. Our existing system was unable to meet our needs,” an Executive of Sahara Net’s data center said. 

Hosting Service Providers required scalable services that are available 24/7 to ensure stable and constant system operations, with continuous monitoring and customer support. If equipment malfunctions occurred, Service Providers required quick replacement of devices or backup servers. If security threats occurred, security experts from the provider service needed to quickly respond and prevent the breach from spreading to other customers. All of these measures were required to ensure timely and fast service response. 


Huawei performed an in-depth analysis of Sahara Net’s requirements to develop the best solution. Today, the leading Saudi ICT provider flexibly serves the diverse needs for all of its customers. The comprehensive solution includes the Huawei OceanStor S2600T unified storage systems and high-density Huawei X6000 servers for hosting services. It also leverages the Huawei OceanStor DeviceManager software application for simple equipment management and for delivering 24/7 support services.

With industry-leading performance and mechanisms for improving efficiency, the OceanStor systems now provide high-performance storage solutions, maximizing Sahara Net’s Return on Investment, and optimizing services for digital media, central storage, backup, and data migration.

The OceanStor S2600T storage systems feature: 

  • Excellent scalability: Easy expansion designed to industry-leading specifications for cache capacities, number of ports, and number of disks
  • High performance: In SPC-1 tests, the T-series outperforms other mid-range storage products
  • Lower risk of data loss: The speed of data reconstruction caused by any disk damages is twenty times faster than the industry average

The DeviceManager application was delivered together with the S2600T to simplify configuration and streamlining routine O&M of equipment. The DeviceManager software enables users to easily manage storage devices using PCs, PADs, and mobile phones anytime, anywhere. Status information is automatically sent for users to review from any location so that an engineer does not necessarily need to be on site. Initial configuration of devices now only takes five easy steps within 40 seconds, and expanded capacity merely requires two steps within 15 seconds. Also, the DeviceManager application offers tools that are easy to use and very customer-friendly.

In addition, the Huawei X6000 series are high-density servers designed for cloud computing, data centers, and Internet-based operations with large-scale deployments. The end result creates a powerful, integrated solution to help win over Sahara Net’s trust and recognition. 


The OceanStor storage solutions are an ideal hosting service system, providing many technological advances and enabling a wide range of managed services for Sahara Net’s customers. S2600T offers a converged architecture, a wide range of functions, with flexible and reliable operations. Compared to other vendor devices in its class, this series of storage delivers outstanding performance.

Key advantages for Sahara Net

  • Service system performance improves by 50%
  • Assurance of round-the-clock services thanks to 24/7 technical support
  • 100% efficiency improvement of systems management using the DeviceManager application
  • Connectivity with improved communications between branches anywhere with secure, reliable links
  • Hosting services ranging from simple to complex cloud hosting
  • Secure web communications and acceleration of business applications across a distributed enterprise
  • Simpler management of all risks associated with breaches and threats for proactive prevention and comprehensive security protection

Additionally, the X6000 server series ensures optimal performance based on service requirements. These servers offer better energy efficiency with a low equipment footprint and simplified O&M.

“Our customers have demanding availability requirements for their hosting services. If we fail to deliver services, we will all suffer great financial losses. Therefore, if any abnormality occurs, our experts can quickly respond and work out alternative solutions,” reports the Manager of the information center.

Sahara Net is now well-positioned to expand with future customer needs for managed services.

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