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Huawei and SAP Co-Innovate Digital Core Systems

Established in 1987, Huawei embraces innovation and collaboration. The leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) provider is an established Chinese brand whose solutions, products, and services span more than 170 countries and regions, serving over a third of the world’s population. As SAP’s global strategic partner, Huawei builds robust digital core systems based on the SAP HANA real-time application platform and innovative Huawei SAP HANA Appliance.

Huawei’s technology innovations have made waves across enterprise networking, data centers, cloud computing, and high-end storage. Thanks to a balanced global coverage and pipe strategy, Huawei progressed in its main service domains in H1, 2016 for 40 percent annual growth in revenue. Huawei continues to grow its hundreds of millions of revenue dollars by leveraging IT technologies and business growth into digital transformation strategies and a joint operating system. Its mission is to improve customer experience, make joint operations more efficient, and inspire organizational passion with responsiveness. A digitalized Huawei means flattened management and better operations.

Key to Digital Transformation: Big Data Operations

Today’s enterprises diversify and go international, and their IT systems collect exponential volumes of data. This data is generated from production, operations, R&D, and sales and serves as the basis for decision making. However, traditional IT architecture cannot analyze such volumes and is gradually bottlenecked in functionality and performance.

Huawei examined this growing issue, and decided to work with SAP to innovate the service platform based on SAP HANA and Huawei-SAP HANA Appliances. This partnership with the provider of industry-leading high performance Big Data platforms helps enterprise customers:

  • Efficiently manage and analyze massive volumes of service data thanks to faster report generation and performance analysis.
  • Accelerate mission-critical supply chain, integrated delivery, manufacturing, and finance applications with a display of capital, logistics, and information flows for analysis and real-time decision making.
  • Streamline internal systems and leverage IT technologies and business growth for development towards strategic alliances and digital transformation.
  • Revitalize the organization for global expansion and explosive growth in revenue.

SAP HANA Best Practices: Joint Innovation

The Huawei SAP HANA project aims to accelerate computing for the supply chain, integrated delivery, manufacturing, and finance. Real-time order tracing and visualization, delivery site visualization, responsive order control center, and faster financial reporting are the key features of the SAP HANA system. Thanks to such a system, Huawei’s own E2E operation capabilities have undergone all-round improvement, from high-quality contract signing, rapid and accurate delivery, to fast contract collection.

The project stands out in dealing with complex transaction data in addition to its in-memory database functionality. From the professional implementation relying on third parties to self-implementation by internal business departments, SAP HANA flexibly meets diverse service requirements. Huawei has since used SAP HANA to:

  • Increase payment success over 200 times by automating the verification of millions of transactions, for better capital security and payment efficiency.
  • Analyze the first pass yield of device manufacturing in real time and 144x faster by refining service scenarios and mining massive amounts of data, for visual monitoring of operations.
  • Integrate supply chain data of over 10 systems, visualize E2E orders, and query supply chain reports in seconds, for a real-time supply chain.

During the project, SAP technical experts joined the Huawei team to discuss key technologies and problems. This mutually beneficial collaboration led to a successful demonstration of technical strength and implementation experience.

Digital Transformation Catalyst: Revitalizing Enterprises

SAP HANA’s advantages in in-memory computing, real-time data processing, and streamlined architecture complement Huawei’s hardware and ICT capabilities. With SAP HANA real-time applications at its core system and the Huawei SAP HANA Appliance as its backbone, the Huawei-SAP joint solution has inherited a strong pedigree:

  • Innovative O&M and efficient in-memory computing: The SAP HANA high-performance computing platform overcomes traditional IT bottlenecks, improving system performance 1,000 fold and synchronizing 400 GB of daily data increments in real time. With better development and O&M efficiency, bulk data management, and decision making capabilities, Huawei is the model for innovative SAP HANA applications.
  • Fast, flexible response to diverse service requirements: The platform provides one-stop services and real-time analysis of 100 million records. It meets every service requirement thanks to visual supply chain management, integrated delivery, manufacturing, and finance across the entire enterprise.
  • Real-time, revitalizing insights: Digital transformation of services and construction of a five-cloud data mart have made data both integrated and transparent for better real-time decision making. An updated supply chain means faster responsiveness, simplified internal processes, easier service collaboration, and better efficiency, driving industry innovation and evolution.
  • New opportunities from collaboration: This breakthrough project creates more strategic business opportunities. Huawei-SAP solutions, including the Huawei SAP HANA Appliance, have since been used in more than 30 countries, spanning such industries as manufacturing, energy, retail, high-tech, tobacco, finance, education, and healthcare.

A Better Connected World: Collaborative Integration

The wide application of new technologies presents unprecedented opportunities for corporate digital transformation and operating model transformation. Huawei aims to enrich life and improve efficiency through a better connected world, by acting as a responsible corporate citizen, innovative enabler of the information society, and collaborative contributor to the industry.

Looking ahead, SAP and Huawei will join forces in developing cloud computing, IoT, and Big Data. Their competitive industry solutions will help companies excel in digital transformation, rebuild service operation models, revitalize companies, and improve operations efficiency. This excellence in turn prepares enterprises for long-term development.

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