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Flexible Networks Improve Factory Efficiency

Establishing complete, unified networks using eLTE broadband, Huawei’s wireless smart factory integrates flexible, customized, and distributed Wi-Fi networking with End to End (E2E) infrastructure to support the latest intelligent systems.

The wide-ranging eLTE industrial wireless service features Internet of Things (IoT) integration, and is factory-specific. The service uses distributed base stations (Huawei DBS3900) and Customer Premises Equipment (CPEs) — B2368 and eA280 to provide high-performance, reliable broadband access for video, and mobile offices, as well as industrial-grade narrowband services for massive numbers of devices.

The devices, when accurately deployed, enable remote control capabilities, predictive maintenance, and other innovative big data-based applications, all of which improve factory efficiency. With a two-to-three times wider radius than traditional Wi-Fi solutions, Huawei eLTE-U — specifically designed for industrial scenarios — also provides 20-millisecond-latency stability under complex mobile scenarios

Based on an unlicensed spectrum, eLTE-IoT can provide a maximum 51,200 connections per cell, making it possible to monitor mass industrial sensors around the factory. Input/Output (I/O), energy efficiency (voltage, current, and accumulated electricity consumption), and the equipment’s real-time status data can all be monitored, collected, mined then visualized to support decision-making and improve factory efficiency.

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  • Flexible Networks

    Huawei works with factory managers and design planners to establish networks that are customer-specific, and feature scalability for future growth.

  • Improved Efficiency

    Resilient, cost-effective wireless networking supports cutting-edge, intelligent manufacturing systems.

  • Network Management Anywhere, Anytime

    Using eLTE, mass factory sensors can be monitored in real-time. The data can be mined then visualized on various terminals, assisting decision-making, while also boosting productivity.

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