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What is CAD Cloud?

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Cloud Solution utilizes cloud computing and cloud data centers to enable design and data sharing based on virtual desktops. Together with the latest 3D design software, this solution delivers a safe and effective cloud-based collaborative experience.

What are the Advantages?

As Internet and communication technologies rapidly develop, traditional design workflows begin to face challenges in areas such as data sharing, resource utilization, and security. The CAD cloud uses Huawei’s FusionAccess to construct a new type of cloud-based design platform featuring the Huawei Desktop Protocol (HDP), 4K HD displays, and a unique Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) pooling capability enabling GPU pass-through and GPU hardware virtualization. The CAD ecosystem supports all mainstream 3D design software, and has been developed with quick compatibility and adaptation in mind. This enables enterprises to create a safe and highly efficient CAD cloud platform, speeding up core service development. The cloud’s versatility makes it a perfect fit for many industries, including automobile manufacturing, aerospace, building design, vocational education, and household appliance production.

Secure and Reliable

The solution provides an End-to-End (E2E) safety protection system supporting centralized data management, safe data transmission, and FusionAccess management nodes deployed on the Linux OS. This ensures reliability on both the user and data center sides.


Cloud storage enables efficient data sharing and caching through tablets, laptops, and other intelligent terminals anywhere and anytime.


Thanks to the latest HDP protocols, users can enjoy smooth 3D image displays while the GPU pool greatly reduces costs. In 3D design scenarios, high performance ensures fluid mouse movement, offering improved results to those of the Citrix and VMware solutions. Information is transmitted fast and efficiently through the cloud data center.

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