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Never Wait with OceanProtect Backup Storage

Why Choose OceanProtect Backup Storage?

  • E2E Backup Acceleration Boosts System Performance

    OceanProtect offers leading archive performance thanks to End to End (E2E) Input/Output (IO) performance optimization. As of December 2021, it provides up to 155 TB/h backup bandwidth and 172 TB/h recovery bandwidth, beating the next-best player by 3x and 5x, respectively.
  • Instant Recovery

    Working with mainstream backup software, OceanProtect provides instant recovery at optimal Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS). Specifically, all-flash media and multi-controllers in active-active deployment balance workloads, while intelligent pre-fetch technologies enable the entire system to support instant access to backup image data.
  • 20% Higher Reduction Ratio

    OceanProtect's advanced data reduction capability allows you to work with more for less. Innovative technologies achieve a premium data reduction ratio of up to 72:1 — 20% better than the industry's next best — helping you save space even when working on a budget.
  • Business Continuity

    Unlike other vendors in the backup storage industry, Huawei recognizes the importance of system continuity, both for enterprise systems and staff. The very first active-active multi-controller architecture offers transparent controller failover and failback as well as load balancing, making it a premium backup storage option.
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    OceanProtect Backup Storage

    Wins Best of Show Award at
    Interop Tokyo

    Rapid Backup, Rapid Recovery, Efficient Reduction, High Reliability

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    Huawei Is Named a Leader in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Primary Storage

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    OceanProtect Backup Storage

    Meet new data protection challenges.

How to Protect Your Company from Ransomware

Downtime — 21 days on average — is the biggest impact of a ransomware attack. See how Hyper Continuous Data Protection (HyperCDP) helps Huawei OceanProtect achieve a sub-3s Recovery Point Objective (RPO) before the attack, ensuring your business continuity.

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