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Backup Solutions

With the recent explosion in data volume, backing up data has never been more vital. Improving data backup efficiency, reducing construction costs for backup systems, and realizing the value of backed up data — such tasks are critical for enterprises to handle on their digital journey.

Huawei Backup solutions provide centralized and all-in-one backup, supporting application backup of databases, file systems, Virtual Machines (VMs), big data, and email systems. To accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises, these solutions streamline data backup, lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and simplify data usage.

Backup Solution

As data continues to grow exponentially in volume and variety and distribution becomes more scattered, enterprise backup systems are faced with a variety of challenges and cannot cope with the ever-increasing service requirements.

Huawei Backup Solution provides the answer with comprehensive networking architectures and abundant backup functions covering remote offices and data centers with backup for files, applications, and virtualization.

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