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CloudEngine 5800 Series Adatközpont Kapcsolók

CloudEngine 5800 series deliver high gigabit access to allow enterprises and carriers to build cloud-oriented data center networks. While providing 40 GE uplink ports and variable airflow capabilities, they can form a 9-member stack system and are ideal at the aggregation or access layer.

Together with CloudEngine 16800 and 12800 series switches, CloudEngine 5800 enables you to build scalable, simplified, open, and secure networks.

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  CloudEngine 5880-48T6Q-EI CloudEngine 5855-48T4S2Q-EI
Downlink Ports 44 x GE Base-T and 4 x 10G Base-T 48 x GE Base-T and 4 x 10G SFP+
Uplink Ports 6 x 40 GE QSFP+ 2 x 40 GE QSFP+
Switching Capacity 648 Gbit/s 336 Gbit/s
Forwarding Rate 406 Mpps 252 Mpps
Buffer 16.5 MB 8 MB
Reliability Microsegmentation
Hardware-based BFD
BFD for BGP, IS-IS, OSPF, and Static route
O&M Telemetry
Data Center Features VXLAN routing and bridging
Maximum Power Consumption 244 W 103 W
Power Supply AC: 600W
DC: 600W -48V
AC: 150 W
DC: 350 W, –48 V
Operating Voltage AC: 90 V to 290 V
DC: -38.4 V to -72 V
AC: 90 V to 264 V
DC: -38.4 V to -72 V

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