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Select the Best Product for Your Business

  • TE10 Huddle-Room Cloud Video Endpoint

  • TE20 All-in-One HD Videoconferencing Endpoint

  • TE30 All-in-One HD Videoconferencing Endpoint

  • TE40/50 HD Videoconferencing Endpoints


Huawei TE10 is an innovative cloud-based videoconferencing endpoint, which can connect to a wide range of cloud platforms. With a compact ‘6-in-1’ design, it adopts professional audio and video communications technologies and has impressive network adaptation capabilities. The TE10 is an optimal communications choice for huddle rooms and staff on business trips.


Huawei TE20 is an innovative, cost-effective videoconferencing endpoint. It is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized meeting rooms.

TE30 All-in-One HD Videoconferencing Endpoint

Huawei TE30 is a ‘3-in-1’ HD videoconferencing endpoint designed for small and medium-sized meeting rooms. It is easy to install, easy to use, and cost-effective.

TE40/50 Series Room Presence

Huawei TE40/50/60 is a full-HD videoconferencing endpoint that supports 1080p60 for both video and presentation simultaneously. It offers a wide array of audio and video ports, multi-view, and Wi-Fi connections, and can be easily integrated into meeting rooms of all sizes.

Why Choose Huawei TE Series Video Conferencing Endpoints?

  • HD Video
    Up to 1080p 60 fps dual streaming, delivering unprecedented audio and video quality. Support for VME and H.264 HP providing 1080p video at 512 kbit/s. Intelligent noise reduction, automatic 3D color-matching, and image enhancement create a true-to-life video experience in various environments.
  • Policy Automation
    Performance that Excels
    The unique multi-view function enables users to view remote sites from multiple angles on a single screen. H.264 SVC and Huawei’s proprietary SEC technology deliver smooth video even with 20% packet loss. Extensive audio and video ports connect to various devices in meeting rooms of all sizes.
  • Simple Operation
    Ease of Use
    With voice dialing, easily start a meeting within 10 seconds. Support for wireless microphone connection and wireless data sharing. Configurations can be automatically imported from a USB device, offering a true plug and play experience.

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