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Predictive Maintenance Facilitates the Digital Transformation of Elevators

Cities are not only growing bigger, but taller as well, making elevators an indispensable part of modern buildings. Huawei’s Elevators Connection Solution tackles the biggest challenges facing elevator operators today: reducing Operations and Maintenance (O&M) costs and improving safety. The Solution leverages edge computing gateways to locally optimize the aggregation and analysis of elevator data as well as provide fault prediction in real time. Combined with cloud-based management that can connect millions of elevators, O&M costs and failure rates are significantly reduced while safety standards are elevated.

Elevator IoT

Huawei’s Elevators Connection Solution collects data from elevators in real time and sends the data to a Big Data analytics system. This system integrates decision-making algorithms with external systems to achieve remote management and predictive maintenance. The result is fewer unplanned service interruptions and better passenger safety, while minimizing costs.

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