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The first Huawei ICT Competition Hong Kong SAR 2021-2022 concluded with flying colours to groom local ICT talent and propel Hong Kong’s future with innovation and technology


(Hong Kong, 21 December 2021) As a leading ICT company, Huawei has been striving to nurture talents for the industry through the integration of industry and academia. This year, “Huawei ICT Competition Hong Kong SAR 2021-2022” was launched in Hong Kong with a view to establishing an interactive platform for students, teachers, government and enterprises, and also further contributing to a sustainable talent ecosystem in the city. After a series of online trainings, preliminary rounds and finals throughout the past few months, the competition was successfully concluded and the results was announced in the prize presentation ceremony held in Cyberport on 17 December 2021.

Huawei ICT Competition is an annual ICT contest for global university. The competition has been providing students with an international exchange platform to enhance their ICT knowledge, practical abilities and skills, and to embrace an innovative mind set since its inception in 2015. For the first time in Hong Kong, the competition is jointly organized by Huawei and Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited, while the Government Chief Information Officer serves as the advisor. It is also supported by the Beijing-Hong Kong Talent Exchange Centre, Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation, Hong Kong Productivity Council, Hong Kong Computer Society, Digital China, Karin Technology Holdings Limited and Synnex Technology International (HK) Ltd. The competition attracted over 300 participants from various institutions and competed for multiple awards.

After rounds of assessments, the team “Polynomials” from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University was awarded the first prize. While the team “ICT Power” from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and “UNIK” from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology won the second and the third prize respectively. The winning teams will be recommended to join the APAC regional competition, compete with other elite students within the region.

Officiating at the prize presentation ceremony, Mr. Victor Lam, JP, Government Chief Information Officer, said, “Huawei well deserves our sincere appreciation for its excellent job in making the competition a highlight event for our younger generation. The competition has presented our young people with an opportunity to unleash their potential, realise their innovative ideas and fulfil their entrepreneurship aspiration. Talent is the key to I&T development. In the post COVID-19 digital era, I&T also plays a vital role in economic recovery as well as supporting people’s daily lives. The demand for I&T talent across sectors of the community is ever-increasing. Our younger generation needs to build up a solid foundation as early as possible.”

Mr. Jerry Ji, General Manager of Huawei Hong Kong Enterprise Business Group, delivered his welcome speech and said, “In response to the public demand of digital skills across different sectors, Huawei provides a leading talent nurturing system and certification standards. Through cooperation with the government and high standard training partners, we aim to build a public talent eco-system and facilitate lifelong learning. Huawei will turn this ICT competition an annual remarkable event in Hong Kong ICT industry in the future. Meanwhile, we will continue to join hands with universities in Hong Kong in various aspects, along with open access to Huawei’s online learning platforms for universities, students will be able to obtain the latest information resources easily. We also planned to establish more than ten Huawei ICT academies in Hong Kong in the coming days to launch more offline learning events and to provide professional technical certifications for the industry. With the effort of Huawei Hong Kong Research Center and our partners, we will carry out more school-enterprise cooperation and provide more job opportunity for youngsters.”

Ir. Eric Chan, Chief Public Mission Officer of the Hong Kong Cyberport, shared his views on Hong Kong’s ICT development and said “With strong tailwinds for Hong Kong’s I&T industry, we have witnessed robust growth of the innovation economy in recent years. Industries and the public are undertaking digital transformation at an unprecedented speed. In the environment conducive to industry digitalisation, young and passionate entrepreneurs can make their mark by developing more quality innovations. In turn, Hong Kong’s competitiveness in I&T will be enhanced, further facilitating the evolution of the GBA into the international centre for technological innovation.”

The ceremony not only served as an occasion to recognise students’ efforts but also as a platform for industry stakeholders to exchange ideas and visions. Mr. Jeff Cheung, the Vice President, CPE & Sky Exchange Business, Commercial Group of HKT Limited shared his views on nurturing talents and how ICT innovation and technology is driving the development of different industries. In the panel discussion session, representatives from Printact and Paititi share their insights from the perspective of start-up company on the prospect of the industry and provide valuable suggestions to young people who aspire to join the sector.

Mr. Victor Lam, JP, Government Chief Information Officer

Mr. Jerry Ji, General Manager of Huawei Hong Kong Enterprise Business Group

Ir. Eric Chan, Chief Public Mission Officer of the Hong Kong Cyberport

The winning teams and award presenters, including Mr. Jerry Ji, General Manager of Huawei Hong Kong Enterprise Business Group (Sixth from the left), Mr. Liu Zhiming, General Manager of the Beijing-Hong Kong Talent Exchange Centre(Seventh from the left), Mr. Victor Lam, JP, Government Chief Information Officer (Sixth from the right)、Ir. Eric Chan, Chief Public Mission Officer of the Hong Kong Cyberport (Fifth from the right)、Mr. Jeff Cheung, the Vice President, CPE & Sky Exchange Business, Commercial Group of HKT Limited (Forth from the right), Mr. Lawrence Cheung, Chief Innovation Officer of Hong Kong Productivity Council (Third from the right) and Ir. Dr. John Hui, Director of Youth & Talent Cultivation of the Hong Kong Computer Society (First from the right).