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Huawei AR Routers Build Faster and Securer Financial Service Networks

27/7/15 12:00:00 AM

Guangdong previewToday, IT construction in omni-channel banking has become a hot topic in the banking industry. With the widespread application of Internet and ICT technologies in financial services, China’s financial services industry has seen three major changes: (1) diversified channels; (2) transactions can be accomplished at any time, any place, and by any means; (3) more diversified service providers such as e-commerce companies, telecom carriers, and third-party payment companies have emerged.

IT Construction in Omni-Channel Banking Requires Secure, Reliable Networks 

As the largest tier-1 branch of the China Construction Bank (CCB), Guangdong Branch is dedicated to providing customers with abundant, reliable financial services. The branch operates up to 1,072 banking outlets which are scattered throughout Guangdong Province. It possesses many high-tech “unattended banking outlets” and “intangible counters”, encompassing Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs), self-service banking, and online banking. The branch has also launched an abundance of financial network services. However, due to geographical constraints, many banking outlets have to rent a leased line to connect to the branch network, threatening the network structure security. Therefore, a secure and reliable network must be built without any delay. 

As ICT technologies further integrate with banking businesses, CCB Guangdong Branch needs to enhance its IT construction. Some links are unreliable. Using a single wired link to connect to the branch network is subject to external environment influence. For example, road construction, natural disasters, and manual damages to cables may interrupt the leased line and affect banking businesses. In addition, network robustness needs to be enhanced. Some banking outlets use a single device as the egress, which has a poor anti-risk capability. Once a fault occurs on the device, the whole network is likely to break down. 

High Security and Reliability Is the Top Priority for the Financial Services Industry to Build an Information Highway

Huawei entered the market of the financial services industry in the year 1999. Through 15 years of continuous innovations, Huawei has been serving more than 200 well-known global financial institutions, dedicated to developing into the best IT strategic partner in this industry. Huawei’s AR1200 series routers have been applied in multiple banks including Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) and the People’s Bank of China (PBC). Huawei’s secure, reliable solution resolves all the network problems in IT construction, which were confronting CCB Guangdong Branch. After many rounds of technical discussions and communication with the network department of CCB and more than one hundred strict tests, Huawei’s AR series routers have been highly recognized by the customer. The test report with up to 200 pages proves the remarkable robustness of Huawei products. 

Secure and Reliable IPSec Encryption TechnologyHuawei’s solution uses IPSec encryption technology, guaranteeing secure end-to-end data transmission. The solution provides strong, flexible, and reliable guarantees for the communication among dedicated computers, domains, sites, remote sites, extranets and dial-up users, implementing fast deployments of new financial services.Independent and Exclusive L2TP Tunneling TechnologyIn a 3G wireless link, Huawei’s solution uses the virtual dedicated dial-up service and L2TP tunneling technology to establish a virtual and interference-free dedicated channel on the dial-up network. CCB Guangdong Branch highly regarded the communication stability and interference resistance capability brought by the virtual channeling technology. The L2TP tunneling technology enables identity identification for the two parties of internal communications, and helps CCB to carry out secure parameter negotiations and message exchanges, as well as providing comprehensive protection and confidentiality services, thus significantly enhancing security.Fast Switchover TechnologyHuawei’s solution adopts link backup and fast switchover technologies, ensuring millisecond-level switchover among links and smooth service operations. Users are completely unaware of the switchover process.World-Leading 4G Evolution TechnologyIn addition to the device functionality, CCB Guangdong Branch also spoke highly of the evolution capability of Huawei products. Huawei’s AR series routers take a leading position in 4G technology. Huawei has deployed a large number of commercial 4G networks all over the world, and possessed lots of patents and successful network deployment experience. The AR series routers can provide 4G service cards that can smoothly migrate 3G services to 4G networks, providing higher bandwidth and flexible wireless access capability. 

Speeding Up ICT-Converged Financial Services Innovation and Driving Network Evolution 

The project owner of CCB Guangdong Branch said that Huawei’s solution provides comprehensive protection for the bank’s network, and they feel relieved to ask Huawei to deploy the new network. Through strict tests, Huawei’s devices prove to be satisfactory, outperform similar devices from other vendors, and support a continuous evolution. Their functions are by no means inferior to that of products from vendors outside China. Huawei’s devices are what they were after. 

As one of the six industries on which Huawei focuses, the financial services industry is characterized by rapid user experience changes, emerging technologies, and widespread IT application. Huawei has the industry’s most complete ICT product lines and strong R&D capability, providing carrier-grade reliability and fast technical service support. Furthermore, Huawei will also continue investing in this realm, and proactively cooperate with its global partners to offer more innovative products and solutions to customers, aiming at developing into the best ICT strategic partner in the financial services industry.

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