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Tianjin Zhenyun Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Zhenyun Technology) is a platform and a park operation company, developing and operating the “China (Tianjin) Information Service Industrial Park” in Beijing-Tianjin High Village Science and Technology Innovation Park in Wuqing District, Tianjin. The industrial park is dominated by Internet Data Center (IDC) and cloud computing solutions. It is a multi-functional composite technology park that integrates an information hub, advanced technology display of information services, enterprise incubation, professional training, and business services.


The data center project of China (Tianjin) Information Service Industrial Park is the largest data center construction project for Zhenyun Technology. The construction area is 21,889.60 square meters, which includes designs and plans for 2,918 cabinets. The data center is expected to meet the following requirements:

  • Simple deployment: The data center needs simple deployment with complete delivery within four months to support the rapid rollout of cloud technology services.
  • Efficient operations: The Operations and Management (O&M) of the DC requires efficiency, reducing manual O&M dependency and inefficient costs.
  • Secure and reliable: The data center is required to comply with power supply and cooling construction based on a Tier III+ level design.
  • Energy savings: Achieves a leading level for Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) value with compliance with the construction level; balancing the investment and operation costs.
  • Solutions

    According to Zhenyun Technology’s requirements, based on  digital, network-based, and intelligent technologies, Huawei provides its Modular Data Center Solution which enables reliability, efficiency, and simplicity to ensure that the data center design complies with the highest reliability, security, quality, and green construction. In addition, Huawei provides professional data center equipment room consulting services.

  • Easy deployment and flexible capacity expansion: By implementing the Modular Data Center Solution, which is highly integrated, factory-installed, and pre-commissioned, the solution saves more than 30% in deployment time, and achieves rapid rollout of cloud technology services. In addition, the modular architecture can flexibly expand the capacity and density of IT devices and easily cope with service challenges.
  • High reliability: DC construction meets Tier III+ equipment room standards. Power distribution adopts the “2N”configuration, the cooling is “N+1” configuration, and the key load of the equipment room is “2N” configuration, to comply with the international Tier III+ standards. To ensure the security and reliability of the power supply system, Huawei provides up to 48 high-power modular UPSs as the high-quality backup power for IT devices and important auxiliary devices. Huawei modular UPS5000-E uses the most advanced topology and modular design to achieve 99.999 percent high availability. In addition, the modular design supports online hot-swap of each module, reducing the device maintenance time and greatly reducing the risk of service interruption.
  • O&M management: Huawei’s NetEco Data Center Intelligent Management System flexibly allocates IDC leased resources based on service requirements of tenants in different industries by comprehensively considering space, power, and cooling, refined resource management in a visualized, manageable, and controllable manner, supplemented by mobile App O&M, avoids management of black holes, reduces dependency on personnel and O&M, and improves O&M efficiency.
  • Greener energy savings: With Huawei in-row air conditioners, aisle containment technologies, and efficient modular UPS, the PUE of the entire data center is lower than 1.38. On the one hand, the in-row air conditioner is installed side-by-side with the cabinet, which effectively solves the problem of local hot spots in the equipment room. In addition, the cooling is more accurate, and reduces energy consumption. On the other hand, the cold and hot air is isolated, which effectively improves the cooling efficiency of the air conditioner, reduces the PUE, and greatly reduces the operational costs. The low load efficiency of the power distribution system is an important reason for Huawei’s modular UPS5000-E to be a winning combination using cloud technologies. The load efficiency at 20 percent is up to 95 percent, and the load efficiency at 40 percent is 96 percent.
  • Benefits

    The data center project for Zhenyun Technology is a bold IDC innovation. The Huawei Modular Data Center Solution provides a high-performance, intelligent, and green data center for cloud technologies to meet the requirements of ultra-large scale delivery, energy savings, security, and reliability. At the same time, Huawei’s modular data center construction approach is closely related to the requirements of cloud technologies in terms of reliability, flexibility, and environmental protection — the project delivery is completed within four months. The deployment time is 30 percent quicker than that of traditional data centers. By designing a Tier III+ level power supply system and cooling system, the energy efficiency improves by 30 percent, which complements the cloud technologies. Modular deployment and high integration of components save space and facilitate future service expansion.

    Compared with traditional equipment rooms and UPSs throughout the industry, Huawei provides megawatt data centers, in-row air conditioners, airtight aisles, and highly efficient modular UPS, which saves millions of RMB electricity fees every year. This improves energy savings, lowers emission reduction, and creates green data center construction, which when combined with the power of cloud technologies, builds a benchmark in the industry.

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