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Huawei Launches Elevators Connection Solution

[Shanghai, China, August 31, 2016] Huawei today announced that the HUAWEI CONNECT 2016 opened in the Shanghai Expo Centre. At the event, Huawei launched its Elevators Connection Solution and initiated collaboration with a leading global elevators and escalators provider. Huawei’s solution will help elevator providers to connect their elevators and escalators to detect potential risks immediately, enhancing passengers' safety and significantly reducing elevator Operations and Maintenance (O&M) costs. 

To accomplish these increases in safety and reductions in cost, the solution uses Huawei agile gateways and Agile Controller. Huawei cooperates with world-renowned partners to offer a leading end-to-end solution for elevator providers. With strong edge computing capabilities and open architecture, Huawei agile gateways connect to elevator controllers and sensors. Based on SDN architecture, the Agile Controller, with the capability of managing tens of millions of terminals, provides high-level management, including device management, computing resource management, and application management. The Agile Controller also uses open interfaces to connect to partners' systems and platforms. The solution provides unified connections and management of elevator providers' millions of elevators, automatic O&M, and four-level security, that is, security at chip, OS, pipe, and platform levels. By collecting elevators' running data, the solution can perform data simulation for elevators. Through the cloud-based Big Data analytics platform, the solution can obtain the status of each component of an elevator to implement predictive maintenance. This means that the solution helps to proactively learn potential faults of elevators so that the elevators can be maintained in advance. This solution greatly improves elevators' up-time and enhances passengers' safety.

Mr. Swift Liu, President of Huawei Enterprise Network Product Line, is launching the Huawei Elevators Connection Solution.

Huawei and the leading elevator supplier initiated their collaboration to work together on the Internet of Elevators & Escalators (IoEE) solution. Huawei helps the elevator supplier take the preemptive opportunity of digital transformation. From Q4, 2016, the pilot project will be deployed in Switzerland, China, and other countries and regions.

As of 2015, there were over 15 million elevators worldwide. In the face of an inevitable growth in the number of elevators, reliability has become increasingly important. As such, industry manufacturers have begun exploration into this field. Now, industry manufacturers expect to use new technologies such as the IoT, cloud computing, and Big Data to further improve elevators' reliability.

Swift Liu, President of Huawei Enterprise Network Product Line, said: "Following Huawei AMI Solution and Huawei Connected City Lighting Solution, Huawei Elevators Connection Solution is the next step in Huawei's agile IoT solutions, aimed at creating vital industry practices. Huawei Elevators Connection Solution accelerates digital transformation of the elevator industry and helps elevator manufacturers greatly improve the reliability. The cooperation in the IoT field benefits billions of people in the world."