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Shum Yip UpperHills is located in the central area of Futian District, Shenzhen. This is an urban complex that integrates technology industry Research and Development (R&D), as well as apartments, hotels, and businesses. The area has become a landmark building complex in Shenzhen’s Central Business District (CBD).


Shum Yip UpperHills is a large, complex area with quite a number of zones which are designated for different purposes. The wireless network in the southern area is an important part of the Smart UpperHills Project. The primary goals of this project are to enhance the operational management and control capabilities, as well as to improve service quality and user experiences through digital transformation.


 Huawei’s Wi-Fi Solution creates a powerful digital operation platform for Smarter Retail functions which provides:

  • Comprehensive, high-performance Wi-Fi coverage.
  • Access Points (APs) in three areas are centrally managed. Two Access Controllers (ACs) are deployed in each area through a 1 + 1 dual-system hot backup.
  • Collection of statistics now use mobile terminals which also provide location information and Wi-Fi tags based on the wireless network.

  • Benefits

    Wi-Fi improves the Internet access experience for consumers and supports the access of more than 10,000 people per day.

    The solution meets requirements for data operation management (such as visitor flow statistics, dynamic navigation, and user profiles) and builds a network-based, visualized, and data-oriented business operations system.

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