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A roadshow visiting 22 countries in Europe

As an active ICT ecosystem contributor, Huawei is committed to becoming a preferred and trustworthy partner of enterprises' digital transformation. This year, Digital & Green, Create New Value Together, Huawei Europe Enterprise Roadshow 2023 is coming, driving through countries in countries across Europe to meet our valuable customers, partners, and industry friends. From March to September 2023, the roadshow will visit: Sweden, Denmark, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Serbia, Hungary, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Norway, Finland, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Romania, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Ireland. Discover Huawei's leading technology, such as Datacom, which Huawei is named as the leader in 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™, and our cutting-edge and green solutions, such as Green Data Center, Green All-Optical Campus, and many more solutions for industries, such as Education, Government, e-Health, ISP, etc. You will have the opportunity to meet our team of top experts in person and try our products first-hand.

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Truck Tour

See what there is to explore in the truck - Data Storage, Optical, Enterprise Campus Network, HUAWEI IdeaHub S2, ISP, Huawei Cloud, Education, Healthcare, Government, FSI, Retail, and Transportation.

  • Enterprise Campus Network

    Huawei announced that it was named a Leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Wired and Wireless LAN Infrastructure, the only non-North American vendor positioned in the Leaders Quadrant. Huawei takes it as a milestone and believes it is yet another testament to the global recognition of Huawei's full lineup of network offerings.

  • Data Storage

    Huawei Storage 2023 Big Release: Industry-leading NAS Storage Solution based on OceanStor Dorado All-Flash Storage; New-generation OceanStor Pacific Distributed Storage with Greater Performance and Lower Power Consumption; Industry's Unique 4-layer Ransomware Protection Storage Solution from Primary Storage to Backup; Industry's 1st Entry-level Storage Combination with A-A Architecture.

  • Optical

    Huawei WAN WDM products use 5U small boxes to implement 2.8T centralized cross-connections. The Industry-leading 4 key features: Single-wavelength 400G, Optical-layer 96-wavelength platform, Blade OXC and Blade OXC Nano. Providing high integration, space saving, low power consumption, energy saving, flexible OTN grooming and efficient deployment, and ultra-large bandwidth to unleash the potential of optical fibers.

  • HUAWEI IdeaHub S2

    Huawei helps ISPs to build more reliable, stable, and low-latency networks in the region. Together with partners, Huawei accelerates the development of all-optical and intelligent R&D, management, and operation of Internet service enterprises.

  • ISP

    Digital economy is changing our life and work,  innovative ICT technologies are reshaping existing business models. Huawei and ISPs are working together to build faster, flattened, and intelligent all-optical networks in the region, constructing radically new architectures and systems . Together with partners, Huawei accelerates the development of all-optical intelligent R&D, management, and operation of Internet service enterprises.


    Huawei Cloud and partners operate 78 availability zones in 30 regions around the world, 2800 CDN nodes, to provide 20% network acceleration. Build an ultimate cost-effective cloud service to let customers' businesses reach the world quickly, though Qingtian architecture with software and hardware collaboration..

  • Education

    Huawei provides ICT infrastructure devices and scenarios solutions joint with partners to basic education, higher education and NREN customers, including smart classroom, converged campus network, HDPA and so on.
    Till now, Huawei supports the education digital transformation at 80+ countries, 2800+ universities and research institutes and 5000+ K12 schools.

  • Healthcare

    Huawei continuously invests in the healthcare field and uses leading technologies, products, and solutions to help hospitals develop high-quality .Huawei Smart Healthcare Solution includes eHospital、Collaboration、Telemedicine and Regional health.Huawei supports more and more European hospitals in building smart hospitals.

  • Government

    The Public service digital infrastructure booth introduces the features and values of the solution in a scenario-based manner. The booth mainly consists of four parts: e-Government cloud data center, national information backbone network, e-Government metropolitan area network, government campus network, and rural inclusive interconnection from top to bottom. Focus on the scenario-based solution breakthroughs made in regional governments.

  • Finance

    During digital transformation, the financial industry faces challenges such as infrastructure upgrade, digital channel innovation, security attack defense, and equipment vendor supply. Huawei will focus on introducing future financial data center architecture evolution, Smart&Green Campus Network (CloudCampus & SD-WAN), Anti Ransomware, Cloud-based digital interaction channels, assist MSPs in implementingmulti-vendor strategy for financial customers;Huawei bring customers the latest digital transformation experience.

  • Retail

    During digital transformation, the Retail industry faces problems such as aging IT infrastructure architecture, low level of warehousing automation, difficult equipment room deployment, and energy consumption. Huawei launches the LAN-WAN convergence solution to implement unified management of wired and wireless networks;Wi-Fi 6 + IoT modular integration, a series of retail scenarios such as electronic shelf label;IP+POL to achieve one-fiber multi-service coverage on hotel networks; We cooperate fully with a number of European head retail companies and hotels. Huawei Brings New Choices and Directions to the Digitalization of the European Retail Industry.

  • Transportation

    In an increasingly globalized, urban world, transportation is critical. Indeed, traffic and transportation systems must be reliable, efficient, safe — and green. Huawei technologies help design and implement smart infrastructure for transport — from rail and urban rail networks, to smart airports — using cloud computing, big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), agile networking, eLTE, and GSM-R. Promoting the increased use of ICT in the transportation industry, Huawei helps to optimize transportation services, making travel more convenient, safer, and more efficient.

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