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    Huawei Enterprise Roadshow 2022

Roadshow visiting 7 countries March-October 2022

Our Huawei Enterprise Roadshow 2022: Digital and Green, Transition to New Value Together will drive through different countries in Europe to meet with customers and partners.

From March to October 2022, we will visit:

Discover Huawei's latest products such as Campus Networks, Data Center, Cloud, WAN, Service and many more, along with our cutting-edge solutions for the different industries of Government, Education, Healthcare, ISP, Finance, Transportation, Manufacturing, Carrier Enterprise Business and Retail. You will have the opportunity to meet our team of top experts in person and try our products first-hand.

Choose your country below and register to join us in this journey!


Truck Tour

See what there is to explore in the truck - Government, Education, Healthcare, ISP, Manufacturing, Transportaion, CEB, Retail, E2E Infrastructure, Campus (Optical), Campus (IP), WAN (Optical), Data Center, Cloud, and Service.

  • Government

    Here you will find the E2E digital infrastructure construction solution, based on Huawei NEC unified management platform + optical transmission and access + microwave + AR+WiFi to help governments to create value at all different levels.

  • Education

    The smart education solution uses the Huawei IdeaHub as the teaching entrance and works with industry partners to provide customers with digital, online and offline innovative teaching experience, and facilitate high-quality education resource sharing.

  • Healthcare

    Huawei together with industry partners builds smart hospital solutions, accelerating their digitalization. Huawei's smart hospital solution improves doctor-patient experience in clinical scenarios. Hospital operation diagrams and visualized O&M help to achieve efficient and simplified management.

  • ISP

    Huawei helps ISPs to build more reliable, stable, and low-latency networks in the region. Together with partners, Huawei accelerates the development of all-optical and intelligent R&D, management, and operation of Internet service enterprises.

  • Manufacturing

    Huawei brings to this event the most convergent solution, which helps to reduce deployment costs as well as life cycle costs for the customer in the manufacturing industry.

  • Transportation

    Covering rail, road, sea and air transportation systems, Huawei offers a wide portfolio of smart solutions to improve reliability, efficiency and modernization in the movement of people and goods, critical in an increasingly competitive market.

  • CEB

    The service nature of Cloud-Managed Networks can drive margin and help develop new revenue opportunity. Huawei CloudCampus is a scalable, flexible, fully converged, high performance Platform. The LAN-WAN Convergence is the Future-Proof One-Stop Management Platform. Come to try it first-hand.

  • Retail

    Huawei smart retail solution uses Wi-Fi 6, IoT, and Cloud technologies to provide full network coverage and data acquisition in transaction scenarios, improving shopping experience and enhancing customer loyalty.

  • Campus (Optical)

    Huawei IP+POL Network Solution adopts cutting-edge technologies to tackle the ever-growing requirements of a modern campus. The solution delivers high bandwidth and low latency, improves O&M efficiency and supports the smooth evolution of the LAN infrastructure.

  • Campus (IP)

    Huawei CloudCampus Solution, Agile, Reliable, Intelligent, Open and Secure, Ideal for Fully-Wireless, Intelligent Campus Network, meets all scenario requirements

  • WAN (Optical)

    To meet the trend of multi-network integration in the industry, Huawei proposes the Native Hard Pipe networks. To integrate production networks, video networks, and IoT networks and ensure security and efficiency for production services, Huawei proposes to extend the OSU hard pipe isolation technology.

  • Wan (IP)

    CloudWAN 3.0: Leading WANs into the Intelligent Cloud-Network Era:
    1) One-hop cloud access; 2) One-fiber multipurpose transport; 3) One-click fast scheduling; 4) One-network wide connection; 5) One-stop integrated security

  • All-Flash Data Center

    Huawei all-flash data center solution covers all-flash upgrade for multiple types of storage, all-IP reconstruction for data center networks, and industry-leading all-scenario data protection for multiple data workloads. The multi-layer all-flash solution helps build a greener data center with higher efficiency and availability, more intelligent O&M, lower TCO, and low network bottleneck.

  • CloudFabric Data Center

    Huawei DCN SDN solution CloudFabric has reached Version 3.0. This version simplifies orchestration, has command line troubleshooting advantages, and also adds new advantages like AIops for issues, hybrid cloud based on Native cloud, and NOF+ solution has improved.

  • Cloud

    HUAWEI CLOUD provides stable, reliable, secure, and innovative cloud services, enabling applications, data, serving as the foundation of the intelligent world, and promoting inclusive AI that is affordable, easy-to-use, and reliable.

  • Service

    Huawei's digital intelligent Operation and Maintenance service, together with partners, helps to accelerate customer’s business success to reduce response time, improve network availability and performance, shorten time to market period, and save 30% operational cost.

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