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About the OlympusMons Awards

Data is regarded as one of the key production factors in the digital economy. As the digitalization of governments and industries deepens, massive amounts of data are being generated every day. Storing these data in a secure, efficient, green and sustainable way has become a pressing problem. Technological fields, such as diversified computing power, new storage media, high-performance networks, and intelligent data reduction offer as many opportunities for innovation as they do challenges.

Building a technological ecosystem, especially in the field of basic technology breakthroughs, requires the collaboration of all parties. That's why Huawei established the annual OlympusMons Awards in 2019 to lead the global research of data storage basic theories, break through key technical problems, accelerate the industrialization of scientific research achievements, and achieve industry-academia-research win-win collaboration.

Challenges of the
OlympusMons Award 2021
  • Challenge 1
    Creating Data Storage with Superb Cost-Effectiveness per Bit

    It aims to build with memory and data as the center of the new data storage system based on innovative software and hardware technologies, such as self-driven storage system, transparent and secure large memory, data protection in massive data scenarios, data computing power network, storage system framework with separated storage and compute, and storage system oriented to the emerging data ecosystem, achieving superb cost-effectiveness per bit.



  • Challenge 2
    Root Technology Breakthrough in the Next-Generation Storage Industry

    It aims at the key root technologies in the data storage field, such as the theoretical limit of compression, hardware offload of the model prediction-based compression algorithm, AI-prediction-based compression algorithm, and scenario-oriented compression algorithm, as well as new storage media technologies, such as DRAM high-reliability application, using new memory to replace media, storage and compute integration based on new media, and high-density storage media, and other latitude breakthroughs.


There will be two OlympusMons Award winners, one for each challenge, and each OlympusMons Award winner will be awarded
CNY 1 million. Winners (individuals or teams) will receive support for scientific research through a technical
communication channel established with Huawei Olympus Storage Technology Innovation Lab.

There will be one or two OlympusMons Pioneer Award winners if no OlympusMons Award winner is selected.
Each Pioneer Award winner will be awarded CNY 500,000.
  • Creating Data Storage with Superb
    Cost-Effectiveness per Bit
    OlympusMons Awards


  • Root Technology Breakthrough in the
    Next-Generation Storage Industry
    OlympusMons Awards


Scoring Criteria

Entries will be scored from the perspectives of technical and commercial value.

  • Technical Value
    Goal achievement: To what degree the entry tackles the challenge.
    Innovativeness: Whether the entry applies new theories, methods, or techniques in resolving the challenge.
    Maturity: To what degree the entry can be used in production or real-world application (verification, model, prototype, or mass production).
  • Commercial Value
    Applicability: Whether the entry can be used for commercial application.
    Extensibility: Whether the entry shows great potential for expansion.
    Economic benefits: Whether the entry provides social or economic benefits.
Scoring Process

Oct. 1 - Nov. 20


Nov. 21 - Nov. 30

Award Presentation


Submit OlympusMons Awards
Application Materials

Applicants/teams are invited to fill in the OlympusMons Awards application materials using the template.

Before the filing deadline, send the materials to

In addition to complying with the scope and rules of this solicitation,
applicants should also comply with applicable laws and regulations.