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Ping An Insurance Dials in Big Revenues

2013/4/7 16:00:28


Ping An Insurance Company ranked 242 in Fortune Magazine’s Global 500 in 2012 and is China’s second largest life and property insurance company.

Currently, more than 20,000 Ping An Insurance agents and 41,000 attendants are focusing on telemarketing services. Existing Ping An telemarketing contact centers are located in Shanghai and Shenzhen, with sales personnel distributed in many areas.


With the rapid development of telemarketing services, existing Ping An contact centers face the following challenges:

Growing number of agents

In just one year, Ping An Insurance has grown to thousands of agents and the existing Ping An contact centers are frequently overloaded, causing downtime due to the stacked platforms at the small contact centers.

Rapid service changes

Insurance services are experiencing rapid changes, requiring contact centers to be centrally managed, flexibly adjusted, and quickly expanded. However, the existing Ping An contact centers are difficult to centrally manage due to small platform stacking. Cables must be laid out again if the agent numbers are adjusted. In addition, migrating services from the existing contact center to a new contact center requires 30 days preparation.

Limited functionality

Due to system restrictions, some key roles such as attendants, group leaders, and supervisors lack the necessary service functionality and utility, leading to repetitive manual operations and low work efficiency.


Huawei’s solution offers Ping An the following:

  • Large-capacity voice platform can be smoothly expanded to 20,000 agents
  • Dual-center networking model allows all agents to connect to the voice platform through the intranet in IP mode, drastically reducing communication costs
  • Customized applications for telemarketing-dedicated attendants, group leaders, and supervisors
  • Integration with Ping An's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in web mode

Super large-capacity call center

The contact center can be easily expanded to 20,000 agents in single-node mode, which conforms to the centralized and quantitative management concepts of Ping An Insurance.

Outstanding stress test performance

Huawei successfully passed the demanding stress test required by Ping An and is the only vendor whose contact center did not overload during high-volume stress tests. Stress testing required by Ping An includes more than 1,000 attendants simultaneously using the loudspeaker to sign in, make calls, and sign out.

Strong customization capabilities

Huawei customizes applications for the contact center key roles, from attendants to supervisors. Some benefits for each role include:

  • Attendants: The solution retains the attendants’ operational preferences and allows them to log in to the system from any location within the agent work space. All call records and recording files are centrally stored. Attendants can invoke, query, and collect statistics on call records and recorded files through a single portal
  • Group leaders: Group leaders can monitor, listen to, and query attendant calls and recordings under their management
  • Supervisors: Supervisors can obtain each group’s call-related Key Performance Indicators (KPI), manage multiple remote groups’ call data, and analyze collected KPIs and call data to find ways to improve attendant work efficiency


Lower communications costs

The Huawei contact center solution is an all-IP based cloud center solution, which cuts communication costs in half.

Improved work efficiency

Customized attendant applications can be seamlessly integrated with the existing Ping An CRM system. Compared with the original contact center, the Huawei contact center eliminates 4 manual operations, reducing attendant call processing time by 10 seconds and improving work efficiency by 13%.

Helps quickly seize market share

The contact center implements centralized resource management for attendants logging in to the system from any location within the work space. Agent resources are automatically adjusted and the system automatically compensates and adjusts when agents move to other locations. Response time due to the agent position moves are reduced from 30 days to only one day, enabling Ping An to quickly push new services ahead of its competitors and seize market share.

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