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Stable and Secure Information Applications

2013/3/30 18:08:07


China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) is an integrated international energy company with businesses and operations covering six main sectors: oil and gas operations, engineering technical services, petroleum engineering, petroleum equipment manufacturing, finance, and new energy development. CNPC is the main oil and gas producer and supplier in China. In 2011, it ranked fifth in the world’s Top 50 petroleum companies and sixth in Fortune Magazine’s Global 500.

To ensure end-to-end data transmission reliability, Huawei offered CNPC an efficient, unified IP-based solution with a hierarchical tree structure. With its comprehensive information security and management functions, this solution would help CNPC create a secure, stable, and efficient IT-based platform, supporting all CNPC information application systems.


CNPC’s Wide Area Network (WAN) throughout the country is an important part of its IT-enabled network infrastructure construction. The nationwide WAN ensures that CNPC’s professional application systems run stably and reliably, and with solid end-to-end data transmission. It must be able to adopt future-oriented technologies to ensure technical advantages, meet service requirements, and better support CNPC’s operations.

The WAN, as the most important part of CNPC’s IT-based development initiatives, must meet the following requirements:

Proper network design

This project covered many areas and entailed complex technologies, as well as topology restructuring, device replacement, and link expansion for existing equipment all over China. As a result, CNPC needed to select an ICT supplier with rich experience in building large-scale networks to ensure proper and advanced network design that could meet current and future service demands.

Reliable and secure multi-service support

CNPC required a secure, stable, and efficient data transmission network that stays connected under a variety of complex environments. In addition, the data transmission network must support a broad range of services, such as production, Office Automation (OA), video conferencing, and voice services.


After analyzing CNPC’s service development requirements and live network conditions, Huawei offered an efficient, unified IP-based solution with a hierarchical tree structure. With its comprehensive information security and management functions, this solution would help CNPC create a secure, stable, and efficient IT-based platform, supporting all CNPC information application systems.

CNPC selected Huawei’s solution for the following reasons:

Rich IP backbone design, implementation, and maintenance

As a leading communication and IT solutions provider, Huawei has built over 130 national IP backbones and 700 MANs to date for carrier customers and enterprise customers, accumulating rich experience in design, implementation, and maintenance of IP networks.

Stable and reliable products and solutions

The core and backbone nodes adopt a dual-ring network structure, providing multi-link redundancy and preventing Single Point Of Failure (SPOF). In addition, Huawei’s unique hardware based Bi-directional Forwarding Detection (BFD) and Operation, Administration and Maintenance (OAM) detection technologies enable quick services switchover in case of network faults — switching over services within 50 ms for point-to-point scenarios and within 200 ms for the entire network. As a result, service and application data is transmitted without interruption, and service and application systems stay continuously connected.

Resilient network architecture for easy scalability

Huawei’s solution uses a hierarchical, three-layer tree structure. Six core devices are deployed to build a ring backbone network in sites of CNPC headquarters, CNPC Beijing; and Survey Institute, the six core nodes connect to 12 regional centers like Beijing; Daqing; Xinjiang in a star structure. Over 150 regional branches connect to the regional centers through access routers. This hierarchical tree structure is easy to scale. In addition, large-capacity and high-end routers based on the 400G platform are deployed in the network. The router ports can be easily expanded and upgraded up to 40 G/100 G to meet future bandwidth-hungry service demands.


With Huawei’s solution, CNPC builds a secure, stable, reliable, and efficient IT-enabled platform, which accommodates future service growth. This platform satisfies reliable network transmission for CNPC’s wide range of services, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), OA, financial management, production, video conferencing, and procurement. The benefits include:

Reliable network infrastructure interconnects networks at three levels

CNPC headquarters, regional centers and local centers are now linked. After completion of the project, 12 regions, more than 150 branches and the headquarters will be reliably connected. Network capacity and network bandwidth can grow tens of times, fully meeting CNPC’s service demands for the next five to ten years.

Unified support facilitates cross-department collaboration and decision-making

The new WAN centrally carries both production and OA services, facilitating office collaboration between CNPC departments and organizations, and laying a solid information network basis for CNPC’s corporate management.

Upon the completion of the WAN project, CNPC can:

  • Centrally manage services and business
  • Improve management with IT technologies
  • Increase production efficiency while achieving business growth
  • Drive co-operation to make more technological and management innovations
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