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Agile WAN Solution for Industrial Interconnection

Transmission solution for the power Industry overview

Huawei’s Agile WAN Solution for Industrial Interconnection (AWAN II) reliably and securely connects networks in different locations that may or may not belong to the same enterprise (for example, multiple locations in a company’s transportation system or different companies sharing a power grid).

The solution’s IP + optical technology offers synergy between transport layers while retaining IP networking flexibility and focuses on:

  • Service performance and versatility
  • Easy evolution to Software-Defined Networking (SDN)
  • Improved O&M resulting in lower TCO

Industrial-strength agile WAN

AWAN II is a highly scalable, secure, reliable, and stable network that supports flexible service deployment and intelligent management. Important services for industrial enterprises range from surveillance to office and marketing services that differ greatly in security, reliability, quality, delay, and bandwidth needs.

To manage these differences, AWAN II uses soft and hard pipe integration technology that provides:

  • Physical isolation of services
  • IP hard pipe
  • 10e-3 to 10e-9 bit error detection
  • 50 ms switching
  • Microsecond- or millisecond-level delay

AWAN II supports easy online capacity expansion and reduces implementation time from days to minutes with:

  • N x 64k to 10 GE/100 GE cards
  • Single-fiber 40T cards
  • 1T routing line cards

SDN architecture

SDN architecture virtualizes resources and separates the control plane from the forwarding plane for core hardware programming. It is flexible too, using a single pair of fibers to upgrade from 10 Gbit/s to 8 Tbit/s bandwidth.

The latest technology copes with multiple location and heavy traffic challenges. An Automatically Switched Optical Network (ASON) and router IP/MPLS promote collaborative traffic management, network protection, and O&M for greater efficiency and lower TCO.

True intelligent network management

AWAN II offers truly intelligent network management with its strong network planning tools, remote meter-free testing, and expert library system. Visualized, measurable, and predictable performance measurement and the ability to manage traffic over the entire network, analyze resources, and do health checks make it the perfect choice, regardless of your industry. Step into the future. Contact a Huawei representative today.

Get big benefits with enterprise ICT solutions from Huawei

Ensure reliable transmission

Get unified access and transmission for multiple services

Protect network investment

Maximize flexibility with SDN architecture and a high-bandwidth core network for lower TOC

Reduce O&M costs

Reduce operation and maintenance costs with network visualization and measurable operation

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