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Atlas 900 at a Glance

Atlas 900

World's Fastest AI Training Cluster

Leading AI Computing Power

Ascend 910: world's most powerful AI processor

Atlas 900 AI training cluster: thousands of Ascend 910 processors interconnected

World's top computing power

Deliver up to 256 to 1024 PFLOPS at FP16, equivalent to the computing capability of 500,000 PCs.

Industry's fastest

Train ResNet-50 on ImageNet in only 59.8 seconds.

Optimal Cluster Network

High-Speed Interconnect

HCCS + PCIe 4.0 + 100 GE: full computing power of Ascend 910

240 Gbit/s: inter-chip interconnect enabled by HCCS, industry's leading single-port rate

Latest PCIe 4.0 interface: 2x speeds of the industry equivalent

100G RoCE ports: high-speed cluster interconnect network for faster transmission

System-level tuning

HCCL + network topology + training algorithms = over 80% linearity

The Ultimate in Heat Dissipation

Representing the pinnacle of AI compute, the cluster is an extreme test to heat dissipation.

Atlas 900 comes with the industry's top-performing heat dissipation system.

Leading enclosed cabinet with adiabatic technology

> 95% liquid cooling, minimizing external heat dissipation

High energy efficiency

Up to 50 KW heat dissipation via liquid cooling per cabinet, PUE < 1.1

Robust Computing Power for Boundless Possibilities

Atlas 900 can be widely used in scientific research and business innovation.

For example, in astronomy, Atlas 900 helps Square Kilometre Array (SKA) explore deeper into the universe,

taking the mankind further towards the edge of the unknown.

Atlas 900 will also empower industries such as autonomous driving, weather forecast, and oil exploration to new level.


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