Huawei AEP

Huawei AEP

Nowadays, enterprises aim to extend the range of services and improve service quality by establishing contact centers. During the construction of the contact center, enterprises are faced with the dilemma of whether to opt for high quality services or low labor costs. Many enterprises reluctantly choose to offer high quality services with a larger number of agents which results in high labor costs.
The Automated Experience Portal (AEP) is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) product rolled out by Huawei to offer customers with 24/7 services. With the AEP, customers can benefit from a large number of contact center services directly from IVR flows rather than agents. Agents are only needed for offering services that are unavailable with the AEP. At present, the AEP has been used by a wide selection of enterprises due to its remarkably low labor costs and ability to relieve agents' workload.
As an open platform, the AEP provides voice capabilities for independent software vendors (ISVs) to customize services using the Voice Extensible Mark-Up Language (VXML).

Product Characteristics

Enriched Functions

  • Call transfer between agents and IVR flows
  • Calls can be seamlessly transferred between agents and IVR flows in a range of scenarios. For example, to authenticate the customer identity, a call can be first transferred from an agent to an IVR flow and then transferred back. In the case of a customer satisfaction survey, a call can be first transferred from an agent to an IVR flow and then released.

  • Faxing
  • Huawei's automatic call distributors (ACDs) embed the capabilities of sending and receiving faxes as images through an IVR flow. The IVR flow saves images to the file server and records call-related information in the database.

  • TTS and ASR capabilities
  • The AEP provides standard Media Resource Control Protocol (MRCP) interfaces to interwork with the Text to Speech (TTS) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) systems.

  • Standardization
  • The AEP supports the VXML 2.1 standard.

IVR Flow Customization Tool

The specific IVR flow required by each enterprise varies from one to another. One enterprise may even need different IVR flows in different stages. To enable enterprises and ISVs to customize IVR flows as per their requirements, the AEP offers the IVR script development tool. With this tool, developers can compile IVR scripts using the graphical user interface (GUI) simply by implementing the drag and drop function. Even elementary developers can learn to use this tool adeptly within one week.

To offer more self-services for customers and relieve agent workload, customer service systems generally need to obtain data from corporate service systems, such as, querying an account balance. As an advanced customer service system, the AEP can access corporate service systems to obtain data in several ways, such as database access, dynamic link library (DLL) invoking, and JavaScript invoking.