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Creating Ingenious and Excellent Wi-Fi Networks

As 802.11ac Wave 2 Wi-Fi products are launched to the market on a large scale, Wi-Fi technologies are marching towards the enterprise application field. Higher performance of Wi-Fi products means a larger demand and wider scope of their application. Wi-Fi vendors are now facing increasingly more challenges. How can they stand out from fierce competition?



Addressing Two Challenges to High-Density Wi-Fi Deployment

Severe inter-AP signal interference and a high user concurrency rate are two challenges to Wi-Fi deployment in high-density scenarios. To address these two challenges, Huawei offers innovative products as well as flexible and effective solutions.

About 802.11ac Wave 2

802.11ac Wave 2 not only improves the efficiency and concurrent user processing capability of Wi-Fi networks, but also increases the maximum data transmission rate. It greatly improves overall performance of Wi-Fi networks.



Making Your Wireless Network Adaptable to Changing Service Needs

From an initial perspective, things will go as per plan if the actual user traffic and service model developed as expected. However, once the environment and services change, a more flexible and elastic mechanism is needed.

How to Choose the Optimum Solution for Indoor Environments?

Huawei’s Agile Distributed Wi-Fi Solution ensures good signal coverage, requires low reconstruction costs, and supports simple management.

Converging Bluetooth and IoT to Expand Wi-Fi Business Value

By converging the IoT technologies and embedded Bluetooth module, Huawei AP4050DN-E achieves Wi-Fi network coverage and IoT technology applications using only one set of network devices.



Huawei Agile Distributed Wi-Fi Solution

The international third-party test authority Tolly Group’s tests verified high performance, good coverage, and easy management of Huawei Agile Distributed Wi-Fi Solution.



The Persistence of Quality

Every hot sale is a result of details and quality with perfection. Huawei, a true believer in details and quality, creates excellent Wi-Fi network for enterprises.

How to Address the Last Few Problems with Wi-Fi Roaming

A qualified Wi-Fi roaming network can be built by deploying more APs and conducting accurate network planning. However, exceptional circumstances always arise. Several problems still exist with Wi-Fi roaming. How can we address these problems in a few specific scenarios?

How to Easily Conduct Wi-Fi Network Planning

Theorists without practical work experience can hardly perform accurate and proper network planning. Abundant site survey and onsite planning experience are keys to success for accurate network planning and optimization.



Building the Largest Wireless Network in Latin America to Benefit the Mexican People

Huawei, depending on its over 20 years of intensive technical experience, offered a highly reliable and easy-to-maintain agile campus solution for SCT, assisting Mexico in constructing the largest public wireless network in Latin America and bringing a variety of new changes to Mexican people’s lives.

Tsinghua University’s Wireless Campus Steps up to a Higher Level

Huawei provides a unique WLAN solution to help Tsinghua University’s wireless campus step up to a higher level and accelerate its rapid climb up the ranks of the world’s first-class universities.

Connector of the World, Warden of the IAAF

Huawei built a high-quality network that involved 1088 APs and about 100 other network devices within 100 days for the IAAF World Championships: Beijing 2015. With its outstanding performance, Huawei won great recognition from the IAAF and the Committee.