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Huawei Storage ─ Solutions for the New Age

Technology is evolving at impressive speeds to manage and support the explosive amounts of information of our new era. With intense demands on concurrent processing and data analytics, video surveillance is no exception to this equation of mushrooming data and the need for technical solutions.

Focused on "Gathering the Power of Video, Unlocking the Wisdom of Images", Huawei is driving full bore into the video surveillance data mine. Huawei's passion for delivering best-in-class performance and functionality, convenience in operation, and the highest security has made it the first choice among many customers.


Driven by the rapid development of video imaging and digital network technologies, many innovations like Big Data analytics and virtualization, are being added into video surveillance applications. With the trend toward high convergence, Huawei is applying its mature, cutting-edge technologies to form the perfect balance between performance and protection. The dynamics of video surveillance requires solutions featuring easy scale-out, high reliability, and future-proof flexibility — and Huawei delivers the designs, networks, and devices to help ensure continued protection of life and property well into the future.


We have entered a new era of video surveillance in which applications are becoming network based, everything is moving toward HD, and intelligence-rich functions are enabling us to see broader, clearer, and deeper. With its extensive technological expertise and intense understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing customers, Huawei is partnering with industry vendors to build a comprehensive information and telecommunications ecosystem. Through these partnerships, Huawei is finding new and better ways to apply technological innovations to suit the specific requirements of the video surveillance industry. We help customers extract important data from the vast information mine.

As the new video surveillance world unfolds, Huawei storage stands ready to navigate the waves of data with the exact solution you need. Huawei Storage — Solutions for the New Age.

By Deng Xing

Marketing Director, Huawei Storage Product Line

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