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Huawei Storage ─ Solutions for the New Age

Living up to it's promise of Gathering the Power of Video, Unlocking the Wisdom of Images, Huawei helps companies tunnel deep into the video surveillance data mine with designs, networks, and devices that protect life and property well into the future

Industry Trends


VSD Technologies in Safe City Storage and Application Development

Video surveillence is a key part of Safe City initiatives. However, the amount of data puts tremendous pressure on already over-worked systems. Video Structured Description (VSD) technologies provide the breakthrough needed to keep up with demand

IT Enablement in Video Surveillance

Safe City and Smart City rollouts the world over are deploying the largest, IT-enabled video surveillance network systems ever seen



Huawei OceanStor 9000: High Data Reliability in Video Surveillance Applications

Adequate storage is vital for video surveillance and requirements continue to grow as the industry develops. An increased number of HD video channels and data being stored for longer periods demand more and better capacity and performance

Huawei OceanStor 2800 v3: Converged, Efficient, Reliable

Safe City projects are reducing crime and making communities safer. Video surveillance solutions are switching from SD to HD for better clarity while the number of monitored video streams and longer data retention periods increase exponentially

Reliability Analysis on Video Surveillance Storage Systems

Security demands and high-speed networks are changing video surveillance systems from simulated to digital and network-based surveillance. Older storage devices cannot cope, so new arrays must offer more space and better performance and reliability

The 360º Video Cloud Storage Ecosystem that Ushers in a New Video Age

Huawei has invested heavily in technology and application innovation to successfully create a 360º open ecosystem with its global partners to deliver top-notch video cloud storage solutions and services



Huawei Storage Makes Cities Safer

As cutting-edge video surveillance technology is being applied to routine police work and criminal investigations, there is a new model for how networks and technology help law enforcement work smarter

Huawei Converged Virtualization Solution: Redefining the Future of Video Surveillance Virtualization

Video surveillance technologies have transitioned from simulated video surveillance to digital video surveillance and are now moving toward network-based video surveillance. Mirroring this trend, the storage devices used for video surveillance have evolved from tapes and digital video recorders (DVRs) to network video records (NVRs). However, even the most up-to-date storage devices are stretched in capacity and can only be used to store local surveillance data. These devices fail to meet the video sharing requirements as the number of video surveillance systems deployed in Safe City projects continues to expand.
09 面向派出所数据集中的视频监控存储之道

Profile: Distributed Video Data Storage in Local Police Stations

Safe City leverages science and technology to help law enforcement work smarter. As part of these worldwide rollouts, the 3111 Pilot Project in China builds alarming and monitoring systems into the Safe City initiative. This project was first carried out in four pilot cites and then, after the success of the first phase, was further promoted to 22 provinces. With the expansion of the Safe City Project, video surveillance systems have been deployed nationwide, and become a critical part of the project.
10 面向公安分局数据集中的视频监控存储之道

Profile: Central Video Data Storage in Public Security Bureaus

As HD video surveillance technologies become more sophisticated as Safe City continues to expand, demands for higher video resolutions are also increasing. An increased number of cameras are deployed for the project, capturing vast amounts of data, which magnifies the pressure on data storage. The amount of surveillance data that needs to be stored for a medium-sized city deploying Safe City averages tens of petabytes every year while that for a large city averages hundreds of petabytes. In addition to the huge data storage requirement, extracting the most value from the data generated by enabling sharing among systems and users is a critical to Safe City success.
11 以智融存 智通平安打造智能融合存储的视频监控解决方案

Gathering the Power of Smart Converged Storage to Build a Safe City − Developing a Video Surveillance Solution with Smart Converged Storage

The Chinese economy continues to develop steadily after many decades of rapid growth thanks to the many policies put in place to stimulate progress. With this progress, the Chinese government has also placed much focus on strengthening social stability by leveraging science and technology to help law enforcement work smarter as Safe City rollouts continue nationwide. As part of this focus, ever-increasing numbers of surveillance cameras are being deployed to make communities and metropolises safer, resulting in exponential growth in image data.