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Five Years of ICT Insights

A lot can be accomplished in five years. It’s long enough to graduate from college, develop technical expertise, or expand the size of your company from dozens of people to thousands. In just a few short years, Huawei Enterprise Business Group (EBG) has witnessed dramatic expansion, a wide variety of strategic developments, and continuous transformation.

When Huawei started its enterprise business activities in 2011, the global Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions provider realized immediately that it needed a systematic and authoritative publication that provided insights into enterprise business — from theoretical discussions and overviews of technology trends to practical business information. We founded ICT Insights to meet these needs and serve as a platform that showcases Huawei’s business and ecosystem strategies. The magazine also set out to provide our customers and partners with the latest updates and news of best practices covering the development trends, technologies, platforms, and ecosystem of the ICT industry.

The ICT landscape has undergone unprecedented development. The following brief list presents interesting technology events that have made news in recent years:

  • Kickstarter, launched in 2009, is the world’s largest crowdfunding platform for creative projects.
  • Intelligent devices and sensors interconnect, giving rise to the IoT.
  • Google Glass encouraged a wave of development for head-mounted display devices beginning in 2013.
  • Germany and China released initiatives for future-oriented industrial technologies: Industry 4.0 in 2011 and Made in China 2025 in 2015.
  • Cloud computing, Big Data, the IoT, and SDN came into widespread use.
  • AlphaGo beat Lee Sedol, a top professional Go player from South Korea, in a landmark victory of Artificial Intelligence (AI) over humans in 2016.

At Huawei Connect 2016, Huawei pointed out that Cloud 1.0 had come to an end. Emerging Internet enterprises are using cloud technologies to implement better user interaction and resource sharing, moving to business models that feature agile innovations, optimal experiences, and low costs.

As a result, we have now entered Cloud 2.0, which is marked by the emergence of various industry clouds that have become the engines of a new industrial revolution. Rather than being a simple combination of industries and the cloud, the ‘industry cloud’ is a deep convergence of businesses and technologies and a process of service-driven digital restructuring.

In recent years, Huawei’s enterprise business has reached a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of more industry customers realizing added business value with Huawei products and solutions. By teaming up with partners, Huawei EBG has made significant contributions to customers worldwide. Examples include security assurance during the Pope’s visit to Kenya, construction of a smart meter reading system for Nigeria’s largest power distribution company, high-performance storage systems that helped the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) cope with data floods in the ‘God particle’ discovery, and network restructuring for Italy’s Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena (BMPS), the world’s oldest surviving bank.

Huawei EBG has served governments and utilities in more than 140 countries and regions. Its enterprise products and solutions have been deployed by more than 300 financial institutions, 170+ power companies, 600+ colleges and universities, 400+ Internet companies, and multiple transport enterprises responsible for 220,000 kilometers of railways and express highways.

The rapid ICT transformation that started at the beginning of this decade is also reflected in the topics covered by ICT Insights, which expanded from technology innovation to business and ecosystem innovation. Authors who contribute to ICT Insights are a diverse group. They include Huawei EBG executives and technical experts, ecosystem partners, executives of other companies, scientists, and well-known analysts.

Since 2012, a number of special issues have been published on popular topics such as health, Internet Service Providers, Energy Internet, and Safe Cities. These extra issues have provided a platform for exchanges between Huawei, partners, and customers. For example, an electric power company was inspired by an ICT Insights special report on the Energy Internet to obtain much-needed help and service from Huawei and partners.

ICT Insights takes full advantage of leveraging the strengths of Huawei’s latest ICT activities, including EBG’s official website (, enterprise business Apps, social media, Email Direct Marketing (EDM), and multimedia programs. Huawei EBG will continue to provide information on innovative ICT hardware and software infrastructures, nurture a collaborative technology ecosystem, and help readers address the challenges posed by ICT transformation.

The editorial board of ICT Insights will persistently endeavor to build the publication into a platform that connects Huawei EBG’s ecosystem and the entire ICT industry, facilitating business exchanges and strategic collaboration between all ICT players.

By Diana Yuan

President of Marketing & Solution Sales, Enterprise Business Group, Huawei Technologies, Co., Ltd.

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