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Education Campus Network Roundup

In a world that moves lightning fast, people on college and university campuses need a way to access information anytime, anywhere using their mobile devices. Today, students and faculty can access online classes, libraries, video and voice conferences, and education forums at their convenience. However, all this online activity creates challenges if the networks have not been designed to handle such traffic.

While online learning, video conferencing, and social media platforms are convenient and effective, they present complications for legacy network campuses. Traditional university networks commonly experience difficulties meeting the contemporary network demands of online courseware, social media platforms, or high-density coverage issues.

For Addis Ababa University, Huawei specified an ICT network architecture that upgraded the core, aggregation, and access layers specifically to resolve issues like frame freezing in HD video conferences.

New Zealand’s Lincoln University chose to deploy Huawei’s Agile Campus Network to address the escalation of Operation and Maintenance (O&M) issues that arose from limited wireless coverage, severe interference, and complicated network policies.

Based on Software-Defined Networking (SDN) technologies, Huawei’s Agile Campus Network solution guarantees consistent security control and user service experience, enabling more services for campus networks. SDN technologies accelerate the delivery of new services by dynamically optimizing the utilization of compute and storage resources, and enable users to deploy services many times faster than ever before possible. Performance across all data, voice, video, and multimedia services has improved; and network O&M costs have dropped dramatically.

Huawei is committed to supporting the global education industry with innovative network solutions that improve resource and service sharing for the benefit of students, teachers, and staff.

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