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Huawei Wi-Fi 6 Intelligent

Intelligent Coverage

Huawei Third-Generation Smart Antenna Technology

Huawei’s third-generation smart antenna technology passes industry-leading antenna darkroom testing. By strictly filtering signals from antenna arrays and continuously optimizing antenna selection algorithms, smart antennas perform radio beamforming that tracks station movements. This Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output
(MIMO) functionality achieves a 20 percent increase in range and 5 decibels higher anti-interference capability than average omnidirectional antennas.

Intelligent Roaming

SmartRadio: Load Balancing During Smart Roaming

Huawei’s Wi-Fi 6 Access Controllers perform load balancing on Access Points (APs) when stations roam. This function adjusts the station load on each AP to improve network stability.

AP1 30 STAs

AP2 30 STAs

AP3 30 STAs

AP4 30 STAs

Intelligent Application Acceleration

Huawei SmartRadio: Uplink Application Acceleration Technology

Huawei SmartRadio uplink application acceleration technology automatically identifies application packet types and proactively optimizes uplink packet scheduling. This technology ensures that key services are preferentially guaranteed in scenarios with high air interface interference. The technology also reduces the application packet transmission delay by 50 percent, driving latency down to an extraordinary 10 milliseconds. Delay-sensitive applications show significant improvements in user experience.

10 ms

Ultra-low delay


Transmission delay
Common application data: normally processed
IM service data: preferentially processed

Intelligent Network Optimization

SmartRadio: Dynamic Frequency Adjustment

Huawei’s Dynamic Frequency Assignment (DFA) algorithm automatically detects adjacent-channel and co-channel interference. The algorithm identifies redundant radio coverage in the 2.4 GHz band and automatically switches to the 5 GHz band or disables the redundant radio signal. This intervention reduces co-channel interference in the 2.4 GHz band and increases system capacity.





Intelligent Fault Rectification

Huawei CampusInsight: Intelligent Demarcation

Based on a machine-learning algorithm and big data analytics technology, Huawei’s CampusInsight network analyzer helps optimize each user’s experience. CampusInsight can automatically predict and identify network problems and help administrators quickly resolve them. For many faults, O&M time is shortened from days to seconds, which improves users’ network experience as well as significantly reduces campus network operating expenses.

Days Seconds

90% Efficiency

50% OPEX

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