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Industry Experience Center

OpenLab Suzhou

We customize your solutions, then put them through proof-of-concept tests to ensure that results meet your expectations — “What you see is what you get”. We also offer professional consultation services from senior experts in communications, plus all the resources you will need. We will also share global success stories.

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Safe City: Converged Command

Suzhou conew1 Safe City Converged Command

Huawei collaborates with global Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) providers to develop leading Safe City solutions. Compared to traditional command centers, Huawei’s Converged Command Solution enables multiple-channel access for calling, integrated voice and video, visualization of resources, and incorporation of mobile police systems. In short, we will help you succeed in developing collaborative and visualized dispatching.

Key Features:
  • Agile access, 360°protection

  • Visualized dispatching, intelligent collaboration

  • Cross-region analysis, decision-making support


Hexagon, Shanghai DS, Beijing E and Hualu Information Technology

Safe City: Intelligent Surveillance

Suzhou conew2 Safe City Intelligent Surveillance

To enhance Safe City infrastructures, Huawei partners with an intelligent analysis vendor, YITU Technologies, to develop a facial recognition solution. For this solution, Huawei provides high-performance, reliable server and storage products as the foundation for a secure video surveillance system. Combined with a facial recognition algorithm from YITU, it enables diverse types of cameras to effectively process facial recognition in complex scenarios.

Key Features:
  • Effective convergence, active prevention

  • Intelligent analysis, precise targeting



Digital Railway

Suzhou conew3 Digital Railway

Huawei collaborates with industry partners to develop leading unified, agile Distributed Control System (DCS) solutions for rail carriers, based on LTE-M and IP network technologies. The result is an operations communications network that ensures a safe, reliable system with large bandwidth, no latency delays, and interference prevention. The solutions are best suited for multiple service applications that optimize metro operations, including a rail signaling system, Passenger Information System (PIS), video surveillance, and dispatching systems, and improve safe, automated operations as well as railway profitability. Meanwhile, faced with independent construction of diverse systems, Huawei offers an Urban Rail Cloud Solution, which adopts a unified platform to enable deployment and transmission of multiple services (SCS, ATS, PIS, CCTV, AFC, and ACS). In this way, the solution reduces hardware investment while enhancing business efficiency, resource utilization, and data sharing.

Key Features:
  • LTE-M: Provides wide bandwidth and a safe, reliable train-to-ground communications network to efficiently deliver multiple services

  • Next-generation DCS: Atom GPS with 1588v2 protocol simplifies the deployment of the timing system and can switch over redundant dual networks in less than 50 ms to guarantee reliability if either fails

  • Urban Rail Cloud: Based on physical dispersion, logical centralization, resource sharing, and service on demand to create a distributed cloud data center, this solution enables unified transmission for multiple services


Alstom, Thales, Siemens, Bombardier, CASCO Signal, Traffic Control Techonology, Insigma Technology, and Mission Information Technology

Power IoT

Suzhou conew4 Power IoT

It is generally recognized that an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) needs a Smart Grid that extends consumption to the last kilometer or mile. Huawei provides an innovative AMI end-to-end solution based on Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity and its versatile Agile Controller. Huawei constructs an electricity ecosystem in this way:

1)For southbound data, Huawei inserts a communication module into partners’ meters

2)For northbound data, Huawei adapts and integrates partners’ connections with industry applications in order to promote competitiveness and optimize commercial models

Key Features:
  • 100 percent collection rate improves overall profit by 20 percent

  • Open architecture connects all service scenarios

  • 360-degree protection ensures 100 percent utility-grade security


SAP, Oracle, Indra, Landis + Gyr, Electronic Design and Manufacturing International, ADM, Honeywell Elster, LongShine Technology, Shenzhen Clou Electronics, and Wasion Group

Intelligent Operation Center for City Management

Suzhou conew5 Intelligent Operation Center for City Management

An Intelligent Operation Center (IOC) is mainly used by city mayors or administrators. The IOC enables officials to comprehensively control surveillance of a city and understand the city’s overall situation. It also enables quick response and command linkage, and provides intelligent, efficient support by fast analysis of massive amounts of information.

Key Features:
  • IOC is Smart City’s ‘brain’

  • Visualized, predictable, quantifiable, and optimized city operations

  • Supports decision-making for city’s sustainable development


iSoftStone, DC Holdings, and Chinasoft International

Smart Government: Government Cloud

Suzhou conew6 7 8 Smart Government

A Government Cloud Solution based on Huawei’s Cloud Data Center aims to satisfy government requirements and optimize cloud services, security, and management. Huawei cooperated with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to develop the government cloud, and integrate application and support platforms. The comprehensive government cloud solution provides IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, and helps governments migrate applications to the cloud, thus enhancing administration efficiency, social governance, and scientific decision-making.

Key Features:
  • Comprehensive services

  • Autonomous, controllable, and highly secure

  • Complete government cloud ecosystem


Taiji, Chinasoft International, and Future International

Smart Government: Government Services

Suzhou conew6 7 8 Smart Government

Huawei partners with Epoint at the Suzhou OpenLab in order to build effective government services systems and to enhance construction of ‘Internet and government services.’ The combined solution is built upon cloud computing, Big Data, agile networks, storage, servers, and service platforms. The goal is to provide government services with ‘one ID number, at one counter, through one government network.’

Key Features:
  • Distributed Cloud Data Center promotes converged communications and sharing of government data

  • Joint innovation constructs a sturdy eGovernment Cloud Solution

  • Integrative eGovernment network platform provides services with one ID number, at one counter, through one network


Epoint, Future international, Esri, Powerrich, Augur, and Taiji

Smart Government: Government Big Data

Suzhou conew6 7 8 Smart Government

Huawei’s Government Big Data Solution is based on our FusionInsight Big Data platform that enables storage of massive amounts of data. With application analysis systems, Huawei collects, integrates, and processes government internal and external data. This creates a unified view of government information that can be used to create Big Data applications for decision making, social governance, economic analysis, and public service.

Key Features:
  • Open architecture based on Hadoop

  • Processes all types of data

  • Used in complicated, multiple-industry scenarios


Powerrich Engineering, Beiming Software, Audaque Data Technology, TongTech, and Connect the bigdata

Converged Healthcare

Suzhou conew9 Converged Healthcare

The Huawei Telemedicine Solution is based on a comprehensive Telepresence system. The solution uses diverse video devices that not only enable remote medical diagnoses, but also meet business and privacy requirements. Regional health and medical institutions also can use Telepresence to securely share medical information and discuss business collaboration.

Key Features:
  • All-connected healthcare resource network; medical services with no boundaries

  • Healthcare cloud — dual-active servers for medical applications; agile expansion with distributed Huawei Cloud Data Center

  • Big Data — FusionInsight Big Data platform creates a foundational environment for medical applications

  • Telemedicine — face-to-face remote diagnosis


DHC Software

Smart Education

Suzhou conew10 Smart Education

Huawei Smart Classroom Solution for Education enables development and sharing of educational resources by means of ICT technologies. Huawei’s platform for sharing educational resources enables applications to come online quickly. This aids resource sharing and flexible course development such as Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC) and campus network solutions.

Key Features:
  • Ubiquitous classroom enables education anywhere

  • Better connected educational resources promote educational equity


iFlytek Co.,Ltd

Intelligent Surveillance

Suzhou conew10 City IoT

City IoT is a neural network that can provide hundred-billion-level connections among people and things. With these solutions, city management and operations will generate massive value, as data and information transform into greater interaction and perception. Here’s how these Huawei solutions work: The Smart Streetlights Solution uses streetlight sensors as nodes to construct a neural network. Smart Streetlights serve as access points for Smart and Safe City IoT connectivity, and will become the foundation of Smart City construction and IoT sensor platforms. Huawei’s City IoT Solution encompasses streetlights, collaborative traffic management, environmental monitoring, and municipal administration devices that will build an Internet of Things for safer and smarter cities.

Key Features:
  • Ubiquitous, city-wide awareness

  • Unified City IoT platform includes Big Data applications and multiple services

  • Integrates broadband and narrowband networks


SANSI, AOD, DHC Software, Veolia, TelChina, Shenzhen Jieshun Science and Technology Industry, Qi Yue Technology, and Xi’an Chinastar M&C Limited


Suzhou conew11 Omnimedia

Huawei collaborates with Sobey, Sony, and Dayang to offer the Omnimedia Cloud Solution. These partners provide editing software while Huawei provides a versatile ICT infrastructure to build an all-IP, cloud, and intelligent, converged IT resource pool. The situation offers editors flexible and fast IT services.

Key Features:
  • Cloud-based media workflow for content creation and fast delivery worldwide

  • Huawei-developed Huawei Desktop Protocol+ (HDP+) creates vivid and smooth video images

  • Industry’s first vGPU-based virtual machine enables eight-track HD video editing


Sobey Digital Technology, Sony Group, and Dayang Software

Digital Banking

Suzhou conew12 Digital Banking

Huawei is helping to reshape the platform, data, and range of services that are digitally transforming financial institutions. The Huawei solution satisfies demands for fast deployment and flexible expansion; showcases enterprise-level data storage; processes and analyzes valuable data with its Big Data capability; empowers multiple functions and omnichannel banking services to further banking’s digital transformation.

Key Feature:
  • Reshapes IT to fuel digital transformation for banks


Global InfoTech, Infosys, Yusys Technologies, Advanced Digital Technology, and Beiming Software

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