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Industry Experience Center

3 Singapore2

At the Experience Center, we cultivate scenario-based End-to-End (E2E) solutions with partners, and conduct training using actual systems, as proof of concept that “what you see is what you get.” The center mainly focuses on Safe City, Internet Service Providers (ISP), and the Internet of Things (IoT). This location functions as a place for training and practice exercises, based upon real environments. Meanwhile, successful cases can be shared.

If you are interested in joint solutions, joint verifications, or visits, please click the “Cooperation/Consultation” button to contact us by email.


Safe City

Singapore conew1 SafeCity

Huawei partners with Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) providers to create collaborative solutions. We integrate our ICT infrastructure platform with CAD, as well as Integrated Campus Platforms Integrated Communication Platform (ICP), eLTE, Intelligent Video Surveillance (IVS), video conferencing, and unified communications. This helps to achieve rapid decision-making and an intuitive response system that enhances integrated and coordinated emergency command ability.

Key Features:
  • World’s first visualized and converged command system

  • Cross-regional collaboration enhances efficient response

  • Open ICP enables unified communications


Hexagon, Tyco, iOmniscient, YITU, G Element, Airbus DS Communications, and Indra

Video Cloud

Singapore conew2 Video Cloud

Huawei developed a powerful Video Cloud Solution based upon the company’s accumulated experience with cloud computing and video algorithms. With its intelligent analysis, video analytics platform, and video investigation application modules, the Huawei Video Cloud Solution helps you resolve challenges with managing and retrieval of large quantities of video data.

Key Features:
  • Cross-agency video sharing and interoperation

  • Open video analytic platform easily integrates with third-party video applications

  • Deep learning-enabled at both front end and back end

  • Edge computing facilitates on-site video intelligence and faster responses

  • Reliable and adaptive networking


HARZONE, YITU, Xjera, SenseTime, Ipsotek, Agent Vi, and MIMOS

Disaster Management

Singapore conew3 Disaster Management

In order to manage all the challenges of frequent disasters in the Southern Pacific region, Huawei cooperates with leading partners to develop disaster management solutions for catastrophes such as typhoons, floods, wild fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, and other adversities.

Our solution includes:

(1) Video surveillance capabilities with 360-degree viewing by utilizing different sorts of detection sensors connected through our Internet of Things (IoT) platform

(2) Emergency Communications using our teleconferencing and videoconferencing technologies, and eLTE-RAPID and LTE devices for collaboration by multiple agencies

(3) Big Data storage and High-Performance Computing (HPC) empower disaster data modeling

Key Features:
  • Earlier warning notifications — ubiquitous awareness and high-performance computational modeling to forecast disasters 45 percent sooner

  • Faster responses — high efficiency process control, intelligent situation analysis, and HD video collaboration improve response times by 50 percent

  • Mobile On-Site Command Center — Mobile Command Center with converged video and radio communications assures deployment within 15 minutes


DHI, Whispir, PDC, GSAFETY, and Thuraya

Financial Cloud

Singapore conew4 5 6Financial Cloud

Banks are transforming their IT-based systems to business-centric infrastructures in order to support comprehensive cloud ecosystems. Huawei contributes to this trend by providing an open financial cloud platform solution called FusionSphere, which help banks develop next-generation cloud IT platforms. Huawei’s enterprise-class open cloud simplifies Development and Operations (DevOps) and improves efficiency by 60 percent.

Key Features:
  • Application deployment — reduced from 50 steps to one click

  • Time needed to deploy Internet Banking — shortened from 2 months to 1 day

  • Number of devices maintained by each Operations and Maintenance (O&M) technician — from less than 50 to over 200


Infosys, Cloud Rabbit, Anabatic Technnologies, and Silverlake

Financial Big Data

Singapore conew4 5 6Financial Cloud

Huawei provides a FusionInsight Big Data platform to provide useful insights that increase targeted marketing and create new business opportunities. It is based on Hadoop architecture that provides open interfaces to partners and third-party developers. This technology is also powered by our HiGraph data mining engine to speed up data processing and increase data analysis precision.

Key Features:
  • Precise — cross-channel analysis enables over 1 billion records per channel

  • Fast — millisecond-level latency at millions of Transactions Per Second (TPS)

  • Easy —custom-defined rules module allows new rule rollout in 10 minutes


Chinasoft and NCS

Financial Services

Singapore conew4 5 6Financial Cloud

Huawei integrates multimedia and collaborative communication technologies with omnichannel systems to improve the overall financial experience for banking customers.

Key Features:
  • Virtual Teller Machine (VTM) replaces in-bank counter services — fast, cost-effective branch deployment

  • 24/7 operations — uninterrupted financial services

  • Remote teller center —lowers branch operating expenses by 40 percent


GWI, GRG, and China Huaxin


Singapore conew7 Transportation

With the ever-changing requirements for data services in the transportation industry by air, sea, and railways, network bandwidth requirements increase exponentially. Build-in Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) lights the way for now and the future. Our LTE-based broadband trunking solution is capable of operating under harsh settings while providing communications services, even during emergency situations.

Key Features:
  • Huawei transportation solutions have a presence in over 100 countries, covering railway, airport, and marine industries

  • Huawei’s railway solutions serve over 100,000+ km of railway lines worldwide, providing full lifecycle services for industry-leading customers

  • Huawei’s versatile solutions offer strong local product support and localized service capabilities. Huawei is committed to work with customers and partners to create innovative industry solutions


SCT, Jiaxun, and Tianjin712

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