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Industry Experience Center

3 Munich

Customize the solution experience with a “What you see is what you get” philosophy. Visitors to the facility will also be able to experience first-hand solutions for smart cities, the IoT, public safety, smart lighting, and retail Big Data.

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Collaborative Public Safety

Munich conew1 Converged Command Center

The next-generation command and control center.

Key Features:
  • Comprehensive information simplifies accurate decision-making

  • Integrate GIS (geographic information system) to visualize call dispatching

  • Command Center can hold video links with consultation rooms, experts, eLTE trunking terminal, and incident site



NG Dispatching

Munich conew2 ControlWorks NG Dispatching 1

Show professional integration of command and control platform which supports cross terminal equipment and operating systems.

Provides an integrated solution to ease the processing of alarms. Uses screens in the professional keyboard as an ICP console with buttons as links to on-site resources. The operator is able to dispatch a confirmed incident to on-site resources simply by clicking a button. The operator can easily connect to different sources of his PC using the intelligent keyboard.

Key Features:
  • Presents a professional console user interface

  • Shows interactive communications between broadband and narrowband. For example, eLTE and TETRA interactive communication

  • Shows unified recording

  • Built-in CRM and integrated with professional database provides effective incident recording

  • Advanced deployment model enables more suitable and quick resource dispatching

  • Shows super-convenient control of video wall with intelligent keyboard from WEY Technology


Frequentis , Capita, WEY Technology

eLTE Broadband Trunking

Munich conew4 eLTE Broadband Trunking

eLTE provides reliable communication in any disaster and accident scenario.

Key Features:
  • Trunking voice — group, pre-emptive, and emergency calls

  • Video dispatching — video uploading, forwarding, and monitoring

  • Data dispatching — SMS and task order

Video surveillance and video analysis

Munich conew5 Huawei softVCN Video Surveillance

Analyze and track a moving object in real time and generate an alarm when detecting abnormal behavior.

Key Features:
  • Delivers valuable information from massive amounts of video data

  • Shows quick search result of suspects in PB-level video recordings

  • Fast retrieval of valuable information from massive amounts of video data

Intelligent Video Analysis: Facial recognition

Munich conew7 Video Operation Center with Intelligent Keyboard 1

Scenario 1 — Find one face/person from the face database, which may include up to 10 Billion faces

Scenario 2 — Check whether the person and his identity are identical

Scenario 3 — Track a specific person’s movements

Key Features:
  • Static face finder

  • Face identification

  • Dynamic face finder

  • Trace and monitor movement of a certain person



Collaborative R&D Cloud

Munich conew8 Collaborative R and D Cloud Solutions Huawei VDI
Overview and Features:

New employee arrival Scenario — set-up of work station usually takes 1-2 days: In the Huawei VDI solution, you can quickly provide resources through a pre-configured template, and open an account only in few minutes.

Business Travel Scenario — Users can access the VDI through various types of terminals: Provide the best customer convenience and, at the same time, avoid cyber security problems.

R&D Co-working Scenario: Improve the times and efficiency of communication.

Video Conference Scenario: By renting a video conference resource through the cloud, you achieve the lowest cost for your video conference.

CAD & CAE Scenario: Real-time visual simulation results with support collaboration across regions.


Altair, Ansys, MSC Software, ESI, and NICE

Local Data Room (LDR)

Munich conew9 Local Data Room LDR

This demo presents a Local Data Room Scenario.

Key Features:
  • Hyper-converged infrastructure for quick deployment and easy maintenance

  • Central monitoring

  • SD-WAN for better performance

Passenger Car Over-the-air Upgrade

Munich conew10 Vehicle OTA Upgrade

Navigation according to different traffic conditions and different regional laws and regulations that reminds and updates the software in real time to achieve better fuel economy and emission standards.

Key Feature:
  • A single solution to upgrade all in-vehicle devices



Bus On-Board Infotainment

Munich conew11 In Vehicle Infotainment

Bus passengers can connect to Wi-Fi to enjoy films, music, and other entertainment, see the timetable route attractions and other information, and also enjoy online booking and other services. Bus companies can manage their fleet in a unified manner, update timetable information, and forecast maintenance; all in the background.

Key Features:
  • Wi-Fi for passenger entertainment and information, and other on-board services

  • Travelling network for unified bus company management of routing and scheduling and performing maintenance checks, and travel guides



Commercial Vehicles Predictive Maintenance

Munich conew12 Harvester Power Distribution Module PdM

This demo presents agriculture machinery scenarios and provides maintenance solutions to the pain points of high-maintenance costs and slow response.

Key Feature:
  • The solution effectively provides proactive corrective maintenance.


Fraunhofer and T-Systems

IoT Transportation Demo

Munich conew13 IoT Transportation

This Demo was designed for a couple of railway IoT scenarios and shows data transmission via wireless or fixed network from track-side and on-board sensors to the maintenance center. It can facilitate data aggregation and preventive maintenance, guaranteeing the safety of railway operation. The sensors deployed in this demo consist of two types: Track-side sensors for strong wind and frozen soil detection areas; on-board sensors for brake shoe temperatures and train tail pressure detection.

Key Features:
  • Automatic Maintenance — reinforces the automation of railway industry by interworking with maintenance, monitoring, and telecommunications systems

  • Preventive Maintenance — achieves service feature modeling and Big Data analytics

  • Unified Management — supports management of multiple connectivity, devices, and different protocols


Kunlun Haian

Mobile VTM

Munich conew14 Mobile Virtual Teller Machine VTM

A mobile Virtual Teller Machine (VTM) that can provide on-site micro-loans and issue bankcards.

Key Feature:
  • This mobile VTM solution proves is not just branches that can provide customers with comprehensive counter services, it provides a 24/7 self-service channel with great convenience and at low cost.


Hyosung, Yusys Technologies, ICS&S, and GRG Banking

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